World Music Therapy Day - 1st March

🗓️ On This Day - March 1st

March 1st can often feel like the first day of spring, just knowing that we’re entering a month where the days will get longer, the sun will get warmer, and we’ll be that much closer to the summer! But it’s also proven to be a day of great historical importance! Here are some of the most important events from March 1st throughout the years!

On this day

On this day - 1st March - Salem Witch Trials

The Salem Witch Trials persisted.

As part of the Salem Witch Trials, March 1st 1692 marks the day that Sarah Osbourne, Sarah Goode, and Tituba were all arrested for witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts. Sarah Goode was a slave and the first person to be accused of witchcraft in Salem.

Sarah Osborne was one of the very first three people accused, and her case helped to set the precedent for the witch trials that followed. Tituba was a slave from South America and is often credited as the first person to be accused of practicing witchcraft in Salem.

Facts about Nebraska

Nebraska became a state!

March 1st, 1867 marks the day that Nebraska officially became a state in the US! It was the 37th state of 50 to join the union and is now known as the Cornhusker State.

Facts about the Yellowstone National Park

Parkland open for business!

Yellowstone National Park was officially established on this very day back in 1872. And, in doing so, it became the world’s first-ever national park!

Nikola Tesla

Tesla made (sound) waves.

On March 1st, 1893, Nikola Tesla gave a demonstration of the radio. It was the first-ever public demonstration of the invention, and it took place in St. Louis, Missouri.

Captain America

Captain America made his debut.

Captain America was first released on this very day back in 1941! Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, the comic was initially published by Timely Comics. Of course, we all know him now as a staple of the Marvel comics (and Cinematic Universe).

interesting facts about Titanic

The Titanic didn’t sink… at the movies.

In 1998, the film Titanic hit movie screens and was an immediate success! In fact, it did so well that on March 1st, 1998, it became the first film to ever gross over $1 billion worldwide. James Cameron would go on to direct two more billion-grossers, “Avatar” and its sequel, “The Way of Water.”

Special Days Falling on March 1st

Spring’s well on its way - and in the meantime, here are some great reasons to celebrate March 1st.
World Music Therapy Day - 1st March

World Music Therapy Day

For many of us, music is a part of our everyday lives. It guides us, comforts us, motivates us, and even feels as though it’s narrating our stories!

Music therapy can arise in the form of signing, writing, dancing, moving, playing, or simply listening to your favorite tunes.

facts on peanut butter

National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

Peanut butter is a staple in many American households. We have it for breakfast, snacks, desserts, and even as an ingredient in our favorite meals! Today’s the day for some PB&J.

Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination Day

Sadly, the world is full of discrimination. But today is a day to remember that we need to rise against it! Today is the day to celebrate everyone’s basic human right to be who they are and live as they see fit. So, take the time today to learn about the different forms of discrimination around the world and what you can do to help fight it!

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