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🗓️ On This Day - March 20th

We’re just one day away from spring in the northern hemisphere, which for many of us means the weather’s getting brighter and warmer. But is there anything about March 20th you may be celebrating it for? If not, we’ve rounded up a list of facts, figures and events from this day in history that might just surprise you. Sit tight - here’s what you need to know about March 20th.

On this day

Republican party

The genesis of the GOP?

The Republican Party may be able to trace its roots back to March 20th, 1854, when a meeting between Free-Soilers, Whigs, and anti-Nebraska statesmen led to the drawing up of their organization, otherwise known as the "Grand Old Party."

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Einstein changed the way we see the world.

Albert Einstein - famed for his game-changing Theory of Relativity - first presented his ideas publicly on March 20th, 1916. This theory led to the creation of some of the most important physics foundations we still use today.


AIDS treatments started evolving.

March 20th, 1987 marked a huge day in the fight against the AIDS crisis in America. On this day, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved AZT, a medicine that can help treat the devastating illness. We've come a long way in the decades since then, too.

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John married Yoko.

In an event that would shape the course of both their careers and that of the Beatles for years ahead, John Lennon married Japanese-American artist Yoko Ono on this day back in 1969. Their union was a reason to celebrate for many - but some Beatles fans might tell you otherwise!

Strike in Seattle - February 6th

The War on Terror began.

It was on March 20th, 2003 that the US, UK, Poland and Australia made the first moves to invade Iraq. The controversial conflict led to many civilian deaths and was even referred to as illegal by Kofi Annan, UN secretary at the time. To this day, politicians George W Bush and Tony Blair have legacies widely defined by the conflict.

Special Days Falling on March 20th

Ready to break out the balloons and banners? Here are a few special days and occasions you may wish to mark on March 20th.
fun facts about area 51

Alien Abduction Day

While being abducted isn’t worthy of celebration at all, today still marks an occasion for people to look deep into the potential for intelligent life having already visited Earth. It’s an American celebration that draws attention to all those strange lights people have seen in the sky in decades past - did you know that UFOs have been spotted since at least 1639?

Great American Meat-Out Day

Today might be a good chance to change up your diet in the name of the greater good. “FARM”, the Farm Animal Rights Movement, sponsors this day to encourage people to have meat-free meals. It’s noted that a reduction in meat consumption may help to strengthen our environment, as well as save the lives of many animals.

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International Day of Happiness

What a great reason to celebrate! The General Assembly of the United Nations set aside this date to remind people that humans everywhere deserve happiness, and that health and mental well-being are directly affected by how happy people feel.

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