The Olympic and Titanic

🗓️ On This Day - March 23rd

What makes March 23rd so unique? Plenty of things, in fact. Maybe you know someone who has a birthday today - or maybe you mark it yourself for a completely different reason! The clocks have leaped forward, and we're heading into spring. Brighten up your day with a few fascinating facts about March 23rd and its history below!

On this day

Patrick Henry

“Give me liberty or give me death!”

These famous words were first spoken on this day back in 1775 by Patrick Henry, at the height of the American Revolution. Henry was instrumental in helping to establish Virginia’s constitution.

Expedition tour Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark headed back to Missouri.

World-famous US expeditioners Meriweather Lewis and William Clark finally started heading back home to St Louis on this day in 1806. They'd spent almost two years exploring the Pacific coastline - they were the first US explorers to attempt this via overland expedition.


Going up?

Where would we all be without the elevator? Still on the ground floor, probably - and we have Elisha Otis, US inventor, to thank for his ground-breaking installation. His maiden elevator was installed in a US department store on March 23rd, 1857!

Yoda from Star Wars

Reagan launches Star Wars.

No, not the movie series - but the Strategic Defense Initiative. Then-US President Ronald Reagan announced the SDI on March 23rd, 1983 in an attempt to help protect the US against potential nuclear attacks. It was just part of the ongoing Cold War, during which many people in the west remained wary of what the Soviet Union may do to try and assert global dominance.

interesting facts about RMS Titanic

Titanic sweeps the Oscars!

As well as being a billion-dollar masterpiece, James Cameron’s movie “Titanic” claimed an astonishing 11 Academy Awards, or Oscars, on March 23rd, 1998. It’d make huge stars out of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in particular. Did you know that up to this point, only 1959’s “Ben-Hur” had won that many Oscars?

Special Days Falling on March 23rd

Ready to celebrate? Regardless of whether or not you already have a reason, here are a few ways people across the country (and the world) mark March 23rd on their calendars.

National Puppy Day

Thinking of adopting a puppy of your own? Today certainly appears to be the best day to do it! National Puppy Day in the US isn’t just a great opportunity to show your four-legged friends some love, but also to consider their welfare across the states. A puppy is not just for Christmas - and today’s the day to put your pups in the spotlight.

chip and dip

National Chip and Dip Day

A fantastic communal snack, chips and dip are easy to get into and are amazingly moreish. Whether you prefer a plain chip or a spicier kick, today’s the day to set up some dips and enjoy a snack or two. Great for eating while watching movies or playing board games, today’s the day to try a flavor combo or two that’s new to you!


National Near Miss Day

A relatively modern national holiday, National Near Miss Day recognizes March 23rd, 1989. It was on this day when an asteroid nearly struck the Earth - it missed by 500,000 miles, which really isn’t that much! Today, people commemorate by wondering what they’d do with their last hours on Earth. Morbid, or a great opportunity to realize some dreams? You choose!

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