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🗓️ On This Day - March 27th

What’s going down on March 27th? Quite a lot, actually! We’re fast approaching the dreaded April Fools’ Day, but until then, March 27th has plenty to share with us in terms of historical facts. Let’s get started and dive in!

On this day


Blood for life!

In a major medical first, Dr. Albert Hustin successfully performed a non-direct blood transfusion on March 27th, 1914. It was the first of its kind, taking place in Brussels, Belgium - and would pave the way for similar transfusions for decades to come.

Billie Holiday

A fresh start for Billie.

Billie Holiday didn't waste any time after she left prison in 1948. On March 27th, the legendary singer played a sell-out concert at Carnegie Hall, a mere 11 days after regaining her freedom.
Start singin’, whatever the weather!
Iconic American musical “Singin’ in The Rain,” starring Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly, first debuted on March 27th, 1952. It’s a firm favorite among many musical buffs and for good reason! It first played out at New York’s Radio City.

Earthquake facts

Alaska witnessed a colossal earthquake.

On March 27th 1964, Alaska played host to what's known as the biggest US earthquake known to date. Known as the Great Alaska Earthquake, the tremors felt on this date measured a staggering 9.2 on the magnitude scale. It tragically killed at least 139 people and is still the second-biggest earthquake recorded.

big banana facts

A relief to many!

In pioneering medical news, sildenafil, or Viagra as marketed by Pfizer, was released to the US public for the first time on March 27th 1998. The medicine, available over the counter, can help to combat impotence in men with blood circulation problems.

Special Days Falling on March 27th

There’s always something to celebrate each day of the year! Whether or not it’s already a special day for you at home, here are three more occasions you may wish to mark in your own way.
facts about whisky

International Whisky Day

Whisky, sometimes known to many as the “water of life,” finally gets full recognition today across the world. The popular spirit takes on many different flavors and blends - and it’s made globally in distilleries of all shapes and sizes! Celebrate today with a tipple, but remember to do so responsibly!

Movie projectionists have today to thank.

World Theater Day

Ever been to the theater before? We don’t mean to the movies, but to see plays or musicals performed live! March 27th happens to be World Theater Day - during which many people celebrate by trying a new play, or by putting on shows of their own. Who knows - you may even mark the occasion by volunteering at your local play house!


National Scribble Day

On this day, people all ages can get involved with scribbling! In celebration of this creative pastime, scribblers can let their imagination flow freely - and all they need is something to draw with, and something to draw on! Scribbling is freeform fun, so let your imagination and doodling run wild!

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