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On This Day - March 28th

March 28th may not sound like the most interesting date in the calendar, but there are actually plenty of reasons why we should mark it! Whether you’re visiting us today because it’s your birthday, or you’d like to know more about what today means from years gone by, we’ve got a ton of great facts to share with you. Keep reading for the full lowdown on March 28th!

On this day

sea plane

Take to the skies… from the sea!

March 28th 1910 saw the launch of the world’s very first seaplane! It was the Canard, invented by Henri Fabre, that took to the air (via water) on this day - a tremendous feat that saw the vehicle ascend to an impressive 457 meters.

facts about turkey

Istanbul was Constantinople…

…now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople - as the song goes! On March 28th 1930, Constantinople, Turkey, became known as Istanbul. Angora, too, became known as Ankara on the same day.

The Birds movie poster


Alfred Hitchcock, legendary director and master of suspense, released one of his most famous (and controversial) works on March 28th, 1963. Today marked the release of “The Birds”, a horror-thriller starring Tippi Hedren. Controversy surrounding Hedren’s alleged treatment on the set of the movie, sadly, has made the movie harder to watch in the modern age.

Three Mile Island

The Three Mile Island disaster changed power protection for good.

The US played host to what is still its worst-ever nuclear disaster on March 28th, 1979. The Three Mile Island disaster resulted in a devastating coolant leak - and it would lead to two more major disasters (Chernobyl and Fukushima) in the years to come. The incident led many to wonder if nuclear power was truly safe.

Jessie Owens

Jesse Owens claims another gold!

Jesse Owens, the African-American Olympic athlete who famously ran to victory in multiple disciplines at Berlin’s 1936 Summer Games (under Hitler’s rule), was presented with the Congressional Gold Medal on March 28th, 1990. It was a posthumous honor, as the athlete had sadly passed away in 1980.

Special Days Falling on March 28th

Don’t have much to celebrate today? Take a look at these occasions and mark March 28th your way.
Piano and Sheet music

National Piano Day

This special occasion was founded by German Nils Frahm in 2015 - but it’s traditionally known as Piano Day as it’s the 88th day of the year (and a piano has 88 keys)! If you enjoy piano music, why not listen to some today, play your own, or take some lessons if you’ve always wanted to master this lovely instrument?

Facts about Diabetes

American Diabetes Association Alert Day

March 28th marks an annual reminder to recognize the symptoms of diabetes and support those suffering from it. Nowadays, treatments exist to help overcome physically debilitating symptoms, and sometimes, even a simple change of diet can make a huge difference. Now’s a great time to learn more.

National Something on a Stick Day

No, really! From lollipops to treats on cocktail sticks or skewers - to tasty chunks of meat or vegetables to barbeque, today’s the day to grab a stick and dig in. Why not invent your own treat on a stick or have a food on sticks party?

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