🗓️ On This Day - March 29th

If it's your birthday and you're celebrating today, congratulations! You share your special day with lots of famous folks - and what's more, there are plenty of historical events that took place today. Let's take a closer look at March 29th, and why it's a day we should all be keeping in mind for future reference!

On this day

facts about Ludwig van Beethoven

Beethoven breaks out!

Ludwig van Beethoven - the incredible pianist and composer - would debut in a performance at a Viennese concert on March 29th, 1795. While he may not have been a prodigy quite like Mozart, he was still only 24 years old - and would go on to create some of music’s longest-enduring tunes. You may be humming one right now!

The King & I musical

The King & I debuted on Broadway.

The classic musical “The King & I” would first open to curious audiences on March 29th, 1951. Penned by the legendary Rodgers and Hammerstein, the show would eventually be made into a classic movie just 15 years later, with Yul Brynner famously taking the lead.

Bell UH 1 Helicopter in Vietnam

The Vietnam War came to an end.

To the relief of many, the US finallyt pulled out of Saigon on March 29th, 1973, effectively bringing an end to the highly controversial Vietnam War. To this day, it remains a hotly debated period and one that many US citizens regret.

ice hockey facts

Wayne Gretzky skates his last.

Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky - widely regarded still as the greatest NHL player of all time - finally hung up his skates on March 29th 1999, retiring from the league at the end of that current season. Decades on, he’s still regarded as one of the all-time greats.

Flag of Ireland

Ireland butts out!

In a leading motion that beat the rest of the world to the punch, Ireland was the very first nation to ban smoking in the workplace - no matter the industry - on March 29th, 2004. In positive news, the move didn’t do the Irish economy any harm!

Special Days Falling on March 29th

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate March 29th, as it happens - but have you heard of any of the following national holidays and occasions? If not, today might be the day to make a change!
Copenhagen Mermaid Sculpture

International Mermaid Day

Ever wanted to live as a mermaid for a day? Well now you have a great excuse! Mermaids are half-women, half-fish who are deeply mysterious - literally! Tales of mermaids have been told for centuries - it’s thought we’ve been sharing their stories for over three millennia. Today’s a great day to dive into some mermaid tales of your own!

Platform 9 3/4

National Smoke and Mirrors Day

Who doesn’t love a little bit of magic? National Smoke and Mirrors Day celebrates everything to do with trickery and illusion. It’s a great chance for you to try a few tricks on your loved ones, or to head to a magic show and wonder how on earth they do all that slight-of-hand… a good magician never gives away their secrets!

lemon chiffon cake

National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

Oddly specific? Perhaps! Today's a great day to taste this wonderful treat - a soft, light, and citrussy sponge that's great for tea or for enjoying after a light lunch. Make time to learn a recipe or two today and see if your culinary creations go down a treat!

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