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Well, what can we say about May 11th? It’s more than just another day! Today, America gained its first hospital, a bunch of cats took over the West End, and an American aviation pioneer was born! But that’s not all, keep reading to find out what other amazing things happened today!

On this day

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Doctor doctor, it hurts when I do this…

Pennsylvania Hospital, the very first hospital in the US, was founded by Dr. Thomas Bond and Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia on May 11th, 1751. Like most hospitals (!) it was established to provide medical care to the sick and needy, and it played a crucial role developing healthcare across the US!

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Catch me if you can!

Henri Desgrange, a speedy French cyclist, set the first world record for a bicycle on this day in 1893, achieving a speed of 21.95 miles per hour! Desgrange went on to establish the Tour de France, one of the most prestigious bicycle races in the world, ten years later in 1903! Cyclists the world over have Desgrange to thank for making cycling super popular!

Faulkner's book, 'Go Down, Moses'

Go Down, Moses

On May 11th, 1942, "Go Down, Moses," a collection of seven short stories written by American author William Faulkner, was first published. The stories explore race, identity, and family matters in the American South. The collection is often considered one of Faulkner's most significant works and a masterpiece of Southern Gothic literature. Why not give it a read today if you can?

Margaret A. Brewer

Yes Ma’am!

On this day in 1978, Margaret A. Brewer made history in becoming the first woman to achieve the rank of general in the United States Marine Corps! This incredible woman smashed barriers and paved the way for other brave female soldiers to scale the military. Now that's inspirational!

Cats the musical


On May 11th, 1981, Andrew Lloyd Webber's feline-themed musical "Cats" premiered in London's West End. Based on T.S. Eliot's poetry, the furry smash-hit production went on to become one of the longest-running shows in musical theater history. The show won countless awards and was later adapted into a movie in 2019… but, yeah, let's not go there!

Special Days Falling on May 11th

As always, there’s something fun and fascinating to celebrate today - fancy eating what you want, taking in some “Twilight Zone,” and keeping your ego in check? You’re in luck!
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National Eat What You Want Day

This celebration is all about encouraging people to treat themselves to their favorite foods. While it's important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, no one can be expected to stick to a strict diet all the time! Taking a break once in a while to enjoy some guilty pleasures can be a fun way to celebrate this day. We’ll be adding cocktail weenies to our pizza today, don’t judge us!

Twilight Zone

National Twilight Zone Day

If you’re over a certain age then just by reading that you can probably hear the theme tune! National Twilight Zone Day is observed on May 11th every year to celebrate the bizarre and sometimes spooky TV series "The Twilight Zone." Created by Rod Serling, the sci-fi/horror anthology series aired from 1959 to 1964 and has seen several reboots over the years. Today’s the day to cram some episodes in!

World Ego Awareness Day

World Ego Awareness Day

Why yes - here at Fact City, we do know everything - including that World Ego Awareness Day is held on May 11th every year! It’s all about raising awareness of the negative impact of excessive ego upon individuals and society as a whole. The day encourages people to reflect on their behavior and build a healthier sense of self-awareness, and empathy towards others.

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