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🗓️ On This Day - May 22nd

May 22nd is a wonderful day to celebrate pudding, being yourself, and plenty of big historical events! Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have it all here - let’s explore what makes May 22nd so important in the eyes of millions.

On this day

SS Savannah

The SS Savannah took sail!

The SS Savannah took sail!
On this date back in 1819, the SS Savannah set sail from Savannah Harbour in Georgia. What made the voyage so special is that it was leaving on a quest to be the first steam-propelled vessel ever to cross the Atlantic Ocean!

AE Douglass

A. E. Douglass took a huge step in archaeology.

In 1919, A. E. Douglass established the relative dates of two different archaeological sites. He used ancient wood samples to mark the dates, making a huge difference in dating in archaeology! Without him, we may not know so much about the wild and wonderful history that lies so far behind us.

Road to Bai featuring Hope

Bob Hope said goodbye.

In 1956, today was the day that millions of American hearts were broken! It was the date that the very last episode of the Bob Hope Show aired on NBC TV. That said, Bob wouldn’t go away for good just yet - he lived to be 100, and kept people smiling right to the end.

A View to a Kill

We got a View to a Kill!

In 1985, Roger Moore's final James Bond film, "A View to a Kill," premiered down in San Francisco. The film also starred Grace Jones and Christopher Walken, and - as music fans may well know - we also got to hear Duran Duran's take on a Bond theme, widely regarded as one of the best-ever.

John Carson

Johnny Carson left Tonight.

In 1992, Americans were also sad to say goodbye to another beloved television comedian, Johnny Carson! Today was the date that his final episode of The Tonight Show aired. Since then, the likes of Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and Jimmy Fallon have helmed the series.

Special Days Falling on May 22nd

So, we know the history; now it’s time to celebrate! Specifically, May 22nd is a great occasion to appreciate your own strengths, to try playing an instrument, and to chow down on some vanilla pudding.
confidently beautiful

International Being You Day

The world would be an arguably much better place if we could all be ourselves unapologetically! So, in honor of that, take today to be completely, authentically yourself! And try looking up some of the struggles and fights people are going through across the world for their rights to be themselves, and see what you can do to help.

vanilla puding

National Vanilla Pudding Day

Although it’s an oldie, it’s definitely a goodie! Vanilla pudding is the kind of dessert we all had at school and at our grandparents’. That is why it can feel so nostalgic when we get a taste of it again today! So, today, take the time to treat yourself to a nostalgic vanilla pudding, and remember what made you love them in the first place.

Rock guitarist on stage under spotlights

National Buy A Musical Instrument Day

What would the world be without music? Most of us listen to music every single day, and for many of us, audio entertainment has become a daily need! If you’ve ever wanted to express yourself musically, now’s the chance - why not pick up the drums, piano, or clarinet? Live your wildest rock star dreams and pick yourself up your dream instrument today!

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