Fun facts about May 4th

🗓️ On This Day - May 4th

May the Fourth be with you! Today we celebrate both fictional and real-life heroes, but that's not all that's note-worthy today! Keep reading to find out what else happened on May 4th - it might be a surprising read (and congratulations if you're celebrating today).

On this day

Anne Frank

Remembering Anne Frank

The Anne Frank Foundation was first set up in Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 4th, 1957, to help preserve Frank's legacy. The foundation manages the Anne Frank House Museum, where Frank and her family took refuge from Nazi forces during World War II, and organizes educational projects to promote her message of hope, peace, and tolerance. It's a message we should all pay attention to!

Grammy Award

And the Grammy goes to…

The first-ever Grammy Awards ceremony was held on this day in 1959 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, with comedian Mort Sahl taking the presenter podium. The very first winners included the legendary Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, and Henry Mancini, with each artist taking home two gongs. The Grammys are still a really big deal to this day!


Greenpeace took shape.

While they’ve been around for much longer, eco-protectors Greenpeace adopted the iconic name back on May 4th, 1971. They were previously known as The Don’t Make A Wave Committee - we think the new name rolls off the tongue a little better!

Margaret Thatcher - UK prime minister 1979 to 1990

The Iron Lady took force.

On this day in 1979, Margaret Thatcher made political history by becoming the first female Prime Minister in the UK's history. She was a prominent though controversial political figure in British politics, serving for three whole terms before resigning in 1990. Thatcher's run at the top earned her admiration and criticism in equal measure!

Peter Griffin

MacFarlane makes TV writing history.

On May 4th, 2008, Seth MacFarlane, the creator of the hit animated sitcoms "Family Guy" and "American Dad," signed a whopping $100 million deal with Fox to keep both shows on the air until 2012. The agreement made MacFarlane the highest-paid television writer in the world at the time!

Special Days Falling on May 4th

Today we celebrate Firefighters, Password security, and Star Wars! Let’s go “fourth”...

World Password Day

Today’s a day all about raising awareness about the importance of strong password security. It’s the perfect reminder for individuals, organizations, and businesses to take measures to protect their online accounts and data from hackers and cyber threats. Change your passwords now!

Yoda from Star Wars

Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day is an annual celebration that takes place on May 4th, inspired by the phrase "May the Fourth be with you" - a punny twist on "May the force be with you." Get it? Fans of the franchise celebrate by re-watching the movies, dressing up as characters, and hosting parties. Time to break out the lightsaber!

International Firefighters’ Day

International Firefighters’ Day

Today is a great day to honor the work and sacrifices of real-life heroes around the world. The day was first established in 1999 after a tragic wildfire in Australia took the lives of five firefighters. Firefighters' Day recognizes the bravery and dedication of those who risk their lives to save others from horrific blazes.

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