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facts about the dark web
31 Aug

19 Disturbing Facts About The Dark Web

While the internet is largely a force for good – for sharing information and bringing people together – there are always sides to it which are going to carry more than a few scurrilous purposes. The dark web, or deep web, is the ‘deep end’ of the internet. Usually inaccessible through standard web browsers, the …
interesting facts about color
31 Aug

18 Crazy Facts About Color

Colors are a vital part of life. They are also everywhere. As such, people think they understand them. But that isn’t completely true. There are plenty of fascinating facts to colors that would blow the minds of most people if they ever heard them, for instance: 1. You’ll see red most commonly out of all …
fun facts about sleep
30 Aug

13 Sound Facts About Sleeping

We all need to sleep! Our sleeping needs vary from person to person. And for something we all do, it’s fascinating to see that there are so many interesting bits of trivia surrounding how we sleep. Here’s a selection of fun facts about sleeping that might just surprise you. 1. Do you have monochromatic dreams? …
grains of sand falling through fingers
28 Aug

15 Terrific Facts About Time

Time is said to be a human-made construct. That’s certainly true, as animals don’t have any real way of being able to tell whether its three in the morning or five in the afternoon! While everyone else in the animal kingdom knows to sleep when it’s dark and to rise when it’s light, human beings …
random facts
26 Aug

57 Surprising And Random Facts

Surprising and Random Facts There is absolutely no way that any of us knows everything about the world we live in!  We’re always learning something new.  We love sharing new bits of knowledge with you through our fact files.  This time around, we’ve put a big stack of random facts together which we think will …
A Furby
11 Aug

42 Stupid Facts You Don’t Need To Know

We live in a pretty bizarre world – some might call it stupid at the best of times, in fact! However, stupid isn’t always a bad thing. There are some truly bonkers bits of trivia out there which are worth remembering… Which Disney character has the highest kill count? What’s the greatest number of cheeses …
fun facts about love
1 Aug

30 Magical Facts About Love

Love is something that many people will feel in their lifetimes. In many cases, people believe it is what separates us from animals! However, this really can vary – as there are plenty of animals out there who mate for life! Crucially, love means different things to different people. It fuels our lives and impacts …
WTF Stange Facts
29 Jul

31 Strange And Bizarre WTF Facts

The world really is a strange, strange place. They say that fact is often stranger than fiction, and when you take a look at some of the following facts we have lined up for you here – you’d probably be inclined to agree with them! These are facts, figures and stats which are always likely …
Facts about Insurance 2
16 Jul

32 Insane Facts About Insurance

Ok – so, bring up the word ‘insurance’ to anyone but a broker or agent, and you might get a yawn or two. Sure, it’s not the most exciting subject on the planet, but it’s necessary in many walks of life! Insurance policies help to protect us when we find that we need to add …
interesting facts about Mosquitos
20 Jun

12 Menacing Facts About Malaria

Malaria is a serious disease, sometimes fatal, caused by a parasite that is spread via mosquitoes that have been infected with it. Here are some interesting but deadly facts about malaria that you probably didn’t know of. 1. It’s a big problem in Africa. 92% of malaria cases along with 93% of all malaria-related deaths …
interesting facts
18 Jun

65 Interesting Facts. Some Serious. All Fascinating

Some facts are serious.  Some are fascinating.  Others are downright strange!  Then, there are those facts which are just fun to read about.  These are the interesting facts that you might share with your friends, or at dinner parties, or just to break the ice.  The world is a lot weirder than we actually give …
polution facts
30 May

43 Thought-Provoking Facts About Pollution

It’s a sad fact indeed that pollution levels are rising all over the world.  With the advancement in modern technology, there’s an advancement in the amount of toxins we continue to push into the atmosphere.  Scientific studies going back decades demonstrate that carbon emissions and more besides are threatening the future of our planet.  Not …
fun facts about antibiotics
26 May

14 Amazing Facts About Antibiotics

They save lives, changed the world and did it all in a way we simply now couldn’t live without, but how much do you really know about these microscopic life saving drugs? These fun facts about antibiotics are ready and waiting to blow your mind! 1. You shouldn’t take antibiotics for viruses. Antibiotics can kill …
fun facts about wiindmills
18 Apr

15 Fun Facts About Windmills

The increase in consumption and price of non–renewable energy has encouraged people to look into alternative, clean fuels that can meet our energy needs. Wind energy is one of these alternative sources. Below are 15 fun facts about windmills. 1. The windmill is an ancient creation. Persia and China were the first to develop windmills, …
interesting facts about money
14 Apr

23 Massive Facts About Money

People are obsessed with money, and for good reason. It runs the world. But you don’t need to know that much about money to use it. And yet, the more you know, the more fascinating money becomes. Consider these 23 fun facts about money: 1. Bills and coins are younger than you think! The bills …