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7 May

15 Brilliant Facts About Baseball

Baseball is a game that plenty of countries adopt as their national sport! The US, of course, is perhaps most famous for adopting the game. But just how old is baseball, anyway? What are some of the game’s most interesting records? Let’s take a look through some of these fun facts about baseball, and get …
interesting facts about swimming
16 Apr

13 Superb Facts About Swimming

Swimming is some of the most fun you can have in the water!  What’s more, it’s a great way to exercise.  Humans are naturally able to swim, which means we should all take the chance to go for a dip if we can.  But how much do you know about the act of swimming?  Here …
fun facts about golf
12 Apr

Tee-Up For 14 Fun Facts About Golf

Golf is a game which you might think is actually pretty easy.  It’s just hitting a ball with the right club, right?  It may surprise you just how much precision actually goes into the game.  Think about how exact your strokes need to be to get even within inches of the hole.  You’re going to …
interesting facts about the Olympics
11 Apr

19 Mind-Blowing Facts About The Olympics

The Olympics is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the world, an undertaking that happens every four years which tests the mettle of athletes from all over the planet. If all you know about the Olympics is the schedule and the countries that have hosted the games in recent times, the following fun …
fun facts about exercise
8 Apr

11 Fun Facts About Exercise

Let’s break down some of the misconceptions that appear in the fitness industry. From what sweating really means to whether you really should be aching the day after your PE session – read on for some fun facts about exercise! 1. Fasting could help. If you work out on an empty stomach you can actually …
interesting facts about Cricket
29 Mar

Howzat! 14 Mind-Stumping Facts About Cricket

Cricket is a game and sport that’s loved all over the world.  It’s also a sport that England actually isn’t too bad at!  However, the sport has had its ups and downs – as well as some truly fascinating facts and figures. If you’re a true cricket fan, you probably know a fair bit about …
fun facts about tennis
11 Mar

17 Thrilling Facts About Tennis

So you want to learn some new facts about tennis, right? Maybe you already know who the best players are these days and even know a reasonable amount of tournament history, however these fun tennis facts will definitely add to your repertoire: 1. The Wimbledon pineapple has a purpose There is a pineapple on the …
interesting facts about SCUBA diving
9 Mar

29 Seriously Fun Facts About Scuba Diving

Did you know that scuba diving is one of the fastest extreme sports on the rise in the world today? With over 6 million active divers in the world, SCUBA diving is one of the world’s favourite leisure activities. If you’re new to this fantastic sport or are considering trying, here are 29 fun facts …
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4 Feb

30 Wonderful Facts About The Winter Olympics

Even if you’re not much of a sports fan, there’s something special about the Winter Olympics. The combination of athletes preparing for years to give the performance of a lifetime, the patriotic sentiment when you see your national flag, feeling all proud seeing your representative standing on the pedestal, and on top of that, the …
Personal Trainer
29 Oct

17 Thrilling Facts About Online Personal Trainers

Personal training has become increasingly popular over the years—the U.S.A alone has over 340,000 certified personal trainers. The number is predicted to increase by 1% annually. As the numbers increase, most personal trainers have taken their expertise online to increase the client base. Online personal trainers have revolutionized the fitness industry from free YouTube workouts …
Facts about Basketball
20 Oct

How To Maximize Your Potential As A Basketball Coach

In virtually any walk of life or field, working according to structure makes achieving success and fulfillment much easier. This applies to practice in any code of sport or coaching in it. Basketball is a very movement-orientated sport that requires rapid transitions from jogging, sprinting, and good hand-eye coordination. Speed and agility training is vital …