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Soft Skills for Big Data Professionals
8 Jul

From Classroom to Career: The Role of Big Data in Today’s Job Market

Navigating the path from the classroom to a successful career can be a challenging journey for many college students. The rapidly evolving job market, influenced by advancements in technology and shifting economic trends, often creates a mismatch between traditional education and industry needs. However, the rise of Big Data is significantly shaping this landscape, bridging …
International Caps Lock Day
8 Jul

LinkedIn for College Students: 7 Tips to Build a Standout Profile

College students and recent graduates alike often overlook the importance of building their personal brands online. Yet, there are many online channels that can help them develop their network, attract potential employers, and enhance their professional reputation. One such channel is LinkedIn. Today, a well-designed and well-filled LinkedIn profile page can serve as a powerful …
Braille book
5 Jul

10 Brilliant Facts about Braille

Where would millions of us be without brilliant Braille? This incredible language tool helps millions of people with sight difficulties across the globe every day – and is always helping people with sight impairment to enjoy new books and access more facilities. So, let’s take a closer look at this all-important invention! Here are some …
facts about voip communication
28 Jun

10 Reliable Facts about VoIP Communication

In this modern age, how many of us still really use a landline? Even in our places of work, the internet has seemingly taken over – and with good reason! VoIP, in particular, has proven to be a great way of dealing with business calls on a daily basis. But what is VoIP? Here are …
facts about Honda
16 Jun

10 Happy Facts about Honda

If you’re any kind of fan of motoring, you’ve heard of Honda – let’s face it! The Japanese automotive giant is one of the most recognizable manufacturers on the planet, even to those who don’t drive – and in this fact file, we’ll take you through the company’s lesser-known and most interesting moments throughout their …
download video
15 Jun

8 Facts To Consider When Downloading Videos from Different Platforms

Downloading videos from online platforms is very difficult these days. Many social media platforms and video-sharing sites have also restricted video downloading. Anyone who wants to download videos from any online platform must rely on third-party apps or tools. Otherwise, they won’t be able to download their favourite videos. However, not every video downloader is …
solar energy storage
6 Jun

10 Sunny Facts about Solar Battery Storage

Solar batteries are becoming increasingly prevalent in homes, businesses, and even our vehicles! They’re super-efficient systems for distributing energy and offer eco-friendly ways to keep our homes, businesses, and vehicles running. However, for a while, solar panels seemed to be lacking a way to store excess energy that we could use on cloudier days – …
how does a vpn work
25 May

How Does a VPN Work? Tutorial for Beginners

Are you worried about your online privacy and security while using public Wi-Fi? Or, are you worried your personal details or financial information might get hacked when using the internet? These are legit concerns because cybercriminals are getting smarter at their craft and targeting internet users via unsuspecting mediums. Besides cybercriminals, there are asos ad …
Education Technology
23 May

5 EdTech Startups to Watch: Innovations in Education Technology

It’s generally believed that education lags behind technology. It’s true when you think about educational institutions. Quite often even your tech classes give you obsolete knowledge. But you can’t really blame the educational system for that. You can’t keep up with all the innovation trends, so how can an institution that has a program developed …
9 Affordable Tech Solutions Students Can Use
4 May

9 Affordable Tech Solutions Students Can Use

The education landscape has taken a huge leap in recent years. Today, students need to be up-to-date with different tech solutions to keep up with their studies. In this article, we’ve provided an overview of some of the most popular tech solutions that are affordable and incredibly useful for students. 1. PaperWriter is a …
facts about electricity
29 Mar

10 Electric Facts about Electricity

We all need electricity. It has become as vital as air to us in this modern age! Everything runs on electricity, including our own bodies! Yet, how much do you know about the flow of electrical charge? Here are some super fun facts about electricity! 1. Are you getting any static? If you have had …
Fun Facts about Sputnik
14 Mar

12 Out Of This World Facts about Sputnik 1

In 1957, the world was changed forever with the launch of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to be sent into space. This achievement by the Soviet Union marked the beginning of the Space Age and sparked fierce competition between the US and the USSR in the realm of space exploration. Here are 12 fascinating facts …
Google office
14 Feb

10 Gigantic Facts About Google

Chances are you’re here because of Google – it’s a part of everyday life! Google has become the main global go-to search engine for billions of users daily. Its growth from a humble two-man start-up in a rented garage to a multi-billion dollar global enterprise is nothing short of phenomenal. To celebrate, here are some …