Anguilla fun facts

interesting facts about Anguilla
8 Jul

11 Astonishing Facts about Anguilla

It’s pronounced An-gwi-lla, and rhymes with godzilla! This paradise of fine white sandy beaches and warm clear aquamarine seas, looks like it belongs in the photoshopped pages of a travel magazine. It doesn’t get much more idyllic than this! Here are some fun facts about Anguilla. 1. It’s a nation of dolphins! Representing endurance, unity, …
facts about CARICOM
1 Dec

13 Cracking Facts About CARICOM

Ever heard of CARICOM before? It’s the name of an alliance between island nations, largely out in the Caribbean. Recognized by the UN, the alliance helps to represent people and member states on the world stage – separately, they would perhaps be rather tiny! Here are some fun facts about CARICOM to crack into. 1. …
interesting facts about the Caribbean
13 Oct

18 Sunny Facts About The Caribbean

Often described as the West Indies, the Caribbean archipelago is one of the world’s best yachting locations, and is ideal for year round sunny holidays with its tropical beaches that are spread over approximately 1 million square miles. Brush up your worldly knowledge with these 14 fun facts about the Caribbean: 1. Columbus found the …
British Empire Facts
2 Oct

24 Eye-opening Facts About The British Empire

British Empire, a comprehensive system of servitudes that over some three centuries was brought under the sovereignty of the crown of Great Britain. The policy of recognizing significant degrees of self-government by dependencies led to the development of the notion of a ‘British Commonwealth’ by the 20th century. Several British colonies that became independent joined …