Cambridge fun facts

Facts about Cambridge
4 Jul

11 Clever Facts about Cambridge

Cambridge is a city of bicycles, canals and incredible educational merit – it’s also home to some serious rowing prowess, too! This English city is delightful for many reasons – but how much do you actually know about the area and its history? Here are some fun facts about Cambridge that might amaze you. 1. …
Facts about England
16 Jul

34 Eye-Opening Facts About England

There’s likely to be plenty about England you don’t already know! Even if you were born here, the country is steeped deep in history – from humble beginnings to the rise of the British empire – as well as plenty of infighting with Scotland in between – the English heritage is one which has marvelled …
interesting facts about Great Britain
29 Mar

44 Funny Facts About The UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most influential nations on Earth. So naturally, people tend to think they know more about it than is often the case. Even the locals may find the following facts about the UK a little surprising… 1. The UK is amazingly diverse. You can find over 300 languages spoken …