Commonwealth fun facts

Queen Elizabeth 2
5 Jan

14 Regal Facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II was, and remains to this day, one of the most famous people in the world! All over the world, people know her name, her face, and even a few fun facts about the great lady herself. But, as you can imagine, with such a long life lived and decades of service, there …
commonwealth of nations flag
3 Sep

10 Comforting Facts about the Commonwealth

Many of us have heard of the Commonwealth, and depending on where you are, you might even be a part of it yourself! But, what is the Commonwealth, and how did it come about? It’s not all about track and field! Here are some fun facts about the Commonwealth to help clue you in. 1. …
interesting facts about Castries
12 Jul

12 Cool Facts About Castries

Ever wanted to visit the stunning island of Saint Lucia before? Deep in the Caribbean, you’ll find the city of Castries, which is in fact the capital – and it’s here where much of the administration goes down, too. Before visiting Saint Lucia or making any kind of break for the Caribbean, be sure to …
interesting facts about Tokelau
20 Dec

16 Delightful Facts About Tokelau

Tokelau is located in the Pacific Ocean, almost exactly halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii. As such, it is technically a territory of New Zealand. Tokelau, which translates to ‘north wind’, is actually a country comprised of a group of atolls! Learn more about this exciting place by reading our fun facts about Tokelau below! …
Interesting facts about Commonwealth Games
9 Dec

13 Fun Facts About The Commonwealth Games

The Commonwealth Games are a lot of fun. Much like the Olympics, they bring together athletes in all kinds of disciplines across countries traditionally covered by the Commonwealth. But how much do you actually know about the Games? Here are some fun facts about the Commonwealth Games to help clue you up on everything that …
facts about papua new guinea
3 Nov

17 Pukka Facts About Papua New Guinea

Looking to boost your knowledge of the world and your chances of being crowned the next pub champion? Why not start off with these 17 fun facts about Papua New Guinea! 1. Where is Papua New Guinea? Papua New Guinea is a biologically diverse country in the southwestern Pacific. It is only bordered by Indonesia …
British Empire Facts
2 Oct

24 Eye-opening Facts About The British Empire

British Empire, a comprehensive system of servitudes that over some three centuries was brought under the sovereignty of the crown of Great Britain. The policy of recognizing significant degrees of self-government by dependencies led to the development of the notion of a ‘British Commonwealth’ by the 20th century. Several British colonies that became independent joined …