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9 Jan

10 Crucial Facts about Communism

Communism is a word that’s thrown around a lot – and there’s likely more to this governmental model than you might expect. Many people are aware of communism through the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union. However, it’s a model that’s used in various territories to controversial effect. To help clue you …
Cold War Facts
11 Jan

12 Chilly Facts about The Cold War

The effects of the Cold War between east and west still ripple on to this day. This decades-long feud was more than just warfare – it was a chilly stalemate that changed international relations for good. Here are some interesting facts about the Cold War to help clue you in. 1. What was the Cold …
22 Dec

15 Fascinating Facts about Fidel Castro

Controversial in some quarters, effective in others, it is safe to say that Cuban leader Fidel Castro was nothing short of an ambitious and legendary figure – whether you supported him or opposed him. Here are some fun facts about Fidel Castro you may not be aware of! 1. When was Castro born? Fidel Castro …
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28 Nov

20 Charming Facts About Cuba

Looking to find out more about this sunny and vibrant country? Take a look at these twenty fun facts about Cuba! 1. Where is Cuba? Cuba is a pretty island nation in the Caribbean Sea. 2. In fact, Cuba’s not technically an island. Cuba is actually an archipelago as it boasts around 4,000 islands and …
Facts about Havana
20 Oct

12 Happy Facts About Havana

Havana, Cuba, is a colorful city that’s just as eye-catching as it is historically interesting – there are all kinds of stories worth sharing from the streets! It’s well-known for its brilliant architecture, and for being a bit of a historic throwback at the same time. Let’s dive into some fun facts about Havana and …
interesting facts about the Caribbean
13 Oct

18 Sunny Facts About The Caribbean

Often described as the West Indies, the Caribbean archipelago is one of the world’s best yachting locations, and is ideal for year round sunny holidays with its tropical beaches that are spread over approximately 1 million square miles. Brush up your worldly knowledge with these 14 fun facts about the Caribbean: 1. Columbus found the …
facts about gulf of mexico
28 May

14 Great Facts About The Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most beautiful corners of the world, and yet most of us only know about the tourist hotspots it has to offer. Well, those days are finally over with these fun facts about the Gulf of Mexico – just what you need to liven up your day! 1. …