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facts about spain
13 Mar

42 Superb Facts About Spain

Bienvenidos a España (Welcome to Spain), a country full of stone castles, snow-capped mountains, vast monuments, sophisticated cities, and charming beaches – all of which have made it a favoured travel destination. Enjoying life, free time and siestas are a huge part of everyday Spanish culture. Spaniards truly know how to relax and enjoy whenever …
interesting facts about Poland
25 Feb

13 Precious Facts About Poland

Looking to boost your knowledge of Europe and increase your chances of being crowned the next pub quiz champion? Why not start by learning these 13 fun facts about Poland! 1.  Poland is really well-connected Poland is a culturally rich country in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Lithuania and the Russian province of Kaliningrad Oblast to the …
interesting facts about Malta
23 Feb

17 Marvellous Facts About Malta

Are you looking to impress your mates or simply to brush up on your worldly knowledge?  Get started with these 17 fun facts about Malta! 1. Malta isn’t technically an island Malta is an archipelago in the central Mediterranean and forms part of Europe. Its nearest neighbors are Italy to the north, Greece to the east, Libya to the south and Tunisia to the west. 2. …
interesting facts about Italy
20 Feb

18 Interesting Facts About Italy

Whether you hail from this stunning country or you’re looking to take a vacation here, brush up on your local knowledge with these 18 fun facts about Italy! 1. Italy benefits from land and sea borders Italy is a beautiful and culturally rich country in Europe. It is bordered by Switzerland and Austria to the north, …
interesting facts about Germany
20 Feb

15 Interesting Facts About Germany

Looking to impress your mates with your knowledge of Europe? Start by learning these 15 fun facts about Germany! 1. Germany has lots of borders! Germany is a large and beautiful country in Western Europe. It is bordered by Denmark to the north, Poland and Czech Republic to the east, Switzerland and Austria to the south, …
interesting facts about Estonia
19 Feb

15 Exciting Facts About Estonia

Looking to boost your knowledge of the countries of Europe? Take a look at these 15 fun facts about Estonia!  1. Estonia is actually a cluster! Despite including around 1,500 islands, Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe. It is bordered by Russia to the east and Latvia to the south. To explore this beautiful …
interesting facts about the Eiffel Tower
27 Jan

28 Fun Facts About The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower or La Tour Eiffel in French is one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks. It was designed as the showpiece of the 1889 World’s Fair in Paris in remembrance of the French Revolution’s centennial as well as to show off France’s modern mechanical know-how on a global scale. Mission accomplished! For a closer look …
facts about Rome
10 Jun

13 Regal Facts About Rome

Rome is – of course – one of the most historically important cities in Europe, if not the world. Once the base of the all-conquering Roman Empire, the capital city of Italy has grown to be a tourist destination that holds just as much historic interest as it does opportunities for rest and relaxation. But …