Fitness fun facts

29 May

23 Powerful Facts About Pilates

It’s fair to say that there are plenty of different ways to stay fit and healthy nowadays – but have you ever considered taking up Pilates before? This physical therapy actually has something of an interesting and varied history – it’s certainly not a modern fad! Many people swear by Pilates not only to help …
fun facts about skiing
29 Aug

13 Spectacular Facts About Skiing

Ever been skiing before? It’s likely to be some of the best fun you can have with snow – short of building snowmen, we’d wager! However, skiing remains a massively exhilarating and exciting pursuit. It can take some time for you to learn how to master the sticks and skis, however, once you hit the …
facts about cycling
28 Aug

14 Seriously Energetic Facts About Cycling

Get on your bikes and ride – as Freddie Mercury once sang! What is it about cycling that makes it so popular with exercise enthusiasts? The fact is the humble bicycle and the sport of cycling has come a long way over the decades. While we may no longer be riding penny farthings, cycling remains …