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10 Apr

26 Super Facts About the Sundarbans

The Sundarbans is a magnificent forest, the likes of which you probably haven’t seen before – but, more importantly, it’s the main habitat of one of the planet’s most endangered and threatened species. That makes it an area of significant natural importance, as well as beauty. And, to help you on your quest to learn …
lucknow, india
13 Dec

11 Lucky Facts about Lucknow

Stunning architecture, gorgeous garden walks, and tons of charisma – Lucknow is one of the best-loved cities among vacationers heading to India, and for good reason. Whether you head here for the sights or the cuisine, be sure to stock up on some factual titbits before you make tracks. Here are some fun facts about …
Machu Pichu
12 Jul

12 Stunning Facts about the Seven Wonders of the World

Arguably, the world is full of wonders! However, seven, in particular, tend to stick out amongst the many. So, let’s take a closer look at them! Here are some fun facts about the seven wonders of the world, and what’s officially included in the list. 1. It’s a truly ancient list. Believe it or not, …
Trekking in india
22 Mar

8 of the Best Treks in India: An Adventurer’s Guide

India is a country blessed with diverse landscapes, ranging from snow-capped mountains to lush green forests, deserts, and beautiful coastlines. With such varied terrains, it’s no wonder that India offers some of the most spectacular trekking experiences in the world. From the Himalayas in the north to the Western Ghats in the south, trekking in …
facts about goa
29 Jun

10 Great Facts about Goa

This small state in India welcomes tourists from all over the world every year to come and enjoy the white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, huge jungles, and fantastic nightlife. But, Goa is far more than just a party destination – its history is immensely fascinating! Here are some fun facts about Goa worth …
Facts about Mumbai
27 Jun

10 Monumental Facts about Mumbai

If you know anything about India, you will know that Mumbai is one of the most important cities in the entire country. From economic wealth and cultural diversity, to some of the best research centers in the world and a fascinating founding history, Mumbai is definitely a city that you are going to want to …
facts about the dalai lama 2
4 Apr

15 Dynamic Facts About The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama is a central figurehead in Buddhism – and one who is considered immensely influential across his home country of Tibet. The role of Dalai Lama is in itself highly fascinating! Let’s take a look at some fun facts about the Dalai Lama that might just surprise you. 1. A shortened moniker for …
Mother Teresa
1 Apr

13 Marvelous Facts About Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was born in India – and at the tender age of just 12, decided to dedicate her life to the work of God, whose presence she said that she felt. During her eventful lifetime, her fame spread across the globe. Testament to her commitment to help the poor and sick, her charities continue …
Holi Festival
17 Mar

13 Heralded Facts About Hinduism

Did you know that Hinduism is one of the most widely-followed faiths around the globe? In fact, it’s the third most-observed. Originating and emerging from India, its influence has spread all over the world, with its mother country remaining a center point for followers worldwide. Here are some fun facts about Hinduism that may just …
facts about the Bay of Bengal
16 Feb

14 Brilliant Facts about the Bay of Bengal

The Bay of Bengal is something of an international, natural treasure based out east – its beauty is shared by many different territories! However, there’s more to the Bay of Bengal than meets the eye – it’s a huge fishing spot, for one thing! Here are some fun facts about the Bay of Bengal you …
soldiers fighting in world war 2
20 Jan

15 Interesting Facts about WW2

Known as the Second Great War, World War II – or WW2 for short – is regarded as one of the most devastating conflicts of the past few centuries. It’s infamous for having started on the back of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party’s rise to power in Germany, their persecution and murder of Jewish …
Interesting facts about Indian Food
13 Dec

10 Interesting Facts About Indian Food

The UK loves Indian food – and while many people will say that you can’t beat the authentic cuisine you actually try on the streets of New Delhi itself, it’s safe to say that the culinary creations from out East always seem to go down a treat in the West. There seems to be an …
facts about the Ganges
8 Dec

14 Gorgeous Facts about The Ganges

The River Ganges is considered one of the holiest rivers on Earth. It’s extremely important to followers of the Hindu faith. But how much do you know about this body of water, and how long has it been a staple of worship? Let’s take a look at some fun facts about the Ganges that might …
British Empire Facts
2 Oct

24 Eye-opening Facts About The British Empire

British Empire, a comprehensive system of servitudes that over some three centuries was brought under the sovereignty of the crown of Great Britain. The policy of recognizing significant degrees of self-government by dependencies led to the development of the notion of a ‘British Commonwealth’ by the 20th century. Several British colonies that became independent joined …
interesting facts about india 1
26 Sep

16 Interesting Facts About India

India is a truly magnificent corner of the world – brimming with gorgeous architecture, incredible history, and intriguing cultural touches. Let’s take a look at a few fun facts about India to whet your appetite for a trip! 1. India is massive! India is the seventh biggest country in the world and the second most …