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graduating high school senior
30 May

A Step-by-Step College Guide for High School Seniors

Embarking on the final year of high school marks an exhilarating yet challenging period for every senior. With college looming on the horizon, the journey ahead is filled with anticipation, but it can also be accompanied by a sense of uncertainty. Worry not, as this comprehensive guide has been crafted to adeptly guide high school …
facts about evolution
25 Jun

16 Eye-Opening Facts about Evolution

Evolution really is an incredible phenomenon – we all came from somewhere common, deep in our ancestral roots! Thanks to the work of pioneers such as Charles Darwin and James Hutton, we now have a greater understanding of the natural world – and how we came to exist – than ever before. Here are some …
fun facts about love
1 Aug

30 Magical Facts About Love

Love is something that many people will feel in their lifetimes. In many cases, people believe it is what separates us from animals! However, this really can vary – as there are plenty of animals out there who mate for life! Crucially, love means different things to different people. It fuels our lives and impacts …