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interesting facts about Mauritania
2 May

17 Momentous Facts about Mauritania

Want to know more about Africa’s biggest countries and communities? Here are some fun facts about Mauritania you might want to digest! 1. Where is Mauritania, anyway? Mauritania is bordered with Senegal to the south west, Mali to the south east, Algeria to the north east, Morocco to the north, the Western Sahara to the …
interesting facts about the Sahara Desert
13 Oct

15 Hot Facts About The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is huge, iconic and breathtaking.  It’s located in North Africa and covers large portions of the continent, but how much do you really know about this sandy region? Let’s shine a light on these 15 fun facts about the Sahara Desert… 1. The Sahara isn’t the biggest desert. The Sahara is the world’s …
interesting facts about africa
16 Mar

56 Amazing Facts About Africa

Africa is one of the most incredible continents on the planet. A truly diverse region home to much of the world’s most famous wildlife, it is also an incredible region for commerce and culture. It’s one of the biggest continents on the globe full stop, meaning that it’s unlikely you will be able to cover …
interesting facts about Nouakchott
21 Oct

16 Noteworthy Facts About Nouakchott

Like to know a little more about the capital cities of the world? Take a look at these 16 fun facts about Nouakchott! Geographical stats… Nouakchott is the capital city of Mauritania. Wondering how to say the name of this wonderful city? It’s pronounced Nwahk-shot. The total land area of Nouakchott is 400 square miles …