Metal fun facts

Facts about Aluminium
9 Jan

10 Shiny Facts about Aluminum

For most of us, aluminum is just something we come across in the kitchen occasionally. It’s commonly used in all kinds of products we use each and every day – whether that’s wrapping food, or whether it’s part of our furniture, millions of us rely on aluminum every day. However, there’s more to this metal …
facts about gold
3 Mar

13 Glowing Facts about Gold

Gold – it’s widely regarded as one of the most sought-after and timeless elements you’ll find on the planet. It inspired the Gold Rush, of course – and while the true monetary value of gold may increase and decrease over the years, it is safe to say that the sheen and shine of a gold …
Facts about titanium
8 May

15 Terrific Facts About Titanium

Titanium may not be something you think you come across every day, but it’s an element that’s actually pretty prevalent in all kinds of things. You could be using titanium to make phone calls with, you could even be using it to help brush your teeth – it really is a resource that offers a …