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death penalty rope
26 Jan

11 Grisly Facts About The Death Penalty

There have been significant changes to the death penalty over the last thousand years. As debates continue around the world, here are some facts about the death penalty that you should know. Warning: this article contains material that some readers may find distressing. 1. Executions often vary around the world. Based on available technology and …
Interesting facts about Alcatraz
16 Nov

13 Amazing Facts About Alcatraz

Alcatraz is an island situated off the Californian coast near San Francisco – and it’s been made all the more famous by the 1979 film ‘Escape from Alcatraz’! However, have you actually toured the island yourself? Here are some fun facts about Alcatraz that might just impress you! 1. The journey takes hero swimmers to …
Facts about the UK’s Most Secure Prisons
12 Sep

10 Fearsome Facts About The UK’s Most Secure Prisons

Crime is something that never goes away. Sadly, there will always be a need for high or maximum security prisons in the U.K. and elsewhere. Prison breaks are less common than you might think, but for the sake of keeping an innocent public safe, it’s important that the most dangerous people incarcerated are kept far …