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17 May

12 Curious Facts About Chickenpox

Many of us experienced chickenpox as children – a pretty itchy and uncomfortable experience! Sadly, this skin disease is pretty common among younger people – and it is indeed better to have endured it as a child than later on in life. Here are some important facts about chickenpox to help guide you through what …
interesting facts about computer viruses
19 Jan

9 Corrupting Facts about Computer Viruses

Computer viruses affect us all in one way or another in the modern age – and, for many of us, dealing with them is a daily issue! But where do computer viruses come from, who created them, and what can we do to deal with them? Is there any end to the constant wave of …
facts about the black death
25 Nov

10 Devastating Facts about the Black Death

The Black Death or Plague is one of the most devastating catastrophes this world has ever seen. Even though it occurred centuries ago, we still talk about it to this day. The shock and toll it took on the world was severe – and while we have experienced pandemics since, we thankfully live in enlightened …
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21 Nov

10 Exclusive Facts about the Ebola Virus

The Ebola virus disease (EVD) is a fatal condition that has caused thousands of deaths across the globe. It affects people and non-human primates, such as chimpanzees, monkeys and gorillas. Learn more about the deadly disease with these surprising facts about Ebola. 1. Are bats to blame? Scientists have yet to confirm where the virus …
COVID 19 facts
4 Mar

32 Facts About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

(March 2021) Over the past year, a new strain of unique coronavirus – which attacks the airways and lungs – has led to a pandemic across the globe. As this strain is still so unknown and so mysterious, researchers all over the world are developing vaccines and treatments to help fight against the virus. Many …