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27 Nov

10 Captivating Facts about the Cotswolds

If you’ve spent any time looking for stunning landscapes to vacation across England, you’ve likely come across the Cotswolds before. And, if you’re a fan of Clarkson’s Farm, Bridget Jones’ Diary, or The Holiday, then the chances are you may have already seen parts of it! But how much do you know about the area? …
Northamptonshire header
16 Nov

10 Neat Facts about Northamptonshire

If you know anything about the various counties in England, the chances are that you have already heard of Northamptonshire. This particular area is known for its markets, its motor racing, and its shoes – believe it or not! Here are some fun facts about Northamptonshire to help clue you in. 1. It is in …
florence header
15 Nov

11 Fine Facts about Florence

Florence is known for being one of the world’s most beautiful, historically important, and culturally significant cities. It has long inspired artists, historians, and tourists from all over the globe to visit and marvel at its architecture – and to soak up the sun! However, there’s more to this gorgeous Italian city than meets the …
facts about SARDINIA
13 Nov

13 Sensational Facts about Sardinia

Sardinia is a truly stunning Mediterranean island that’s popular with vacationers as a true hideaway in the sun. It’s just as famous with people the world over for its ancient architecture and its delicious cuisines. But what else should you know about the area? Here are some fun facts about Sardinia for you to pore …
suffolk header
6 Nov

8 Special Facts about Suffolk

Suffolk is just one of many of England’s ceremonial counties, and you’ll find it down toward the southeast of the country. More than 750,000 people live here, and it’s known to many as the “curious county.” It’s fairly dry land, on the whole – but many people retire here for the lovely coastline and quaint …
mallorca header
3 Nov

9 Marvelous Facts about Mallorca

Ever wanted to make a break for the Mediterranean? There are plenty of great reasons why Mallorca remains one of the most popular vacation spots for holidaymakers all over the world. Famous for its nightlife, its traditional village scenes and its beaches, there’s more to Mallorca than meets the eye. Here are some fun facts …
buckinghamshire header
31 Oct

9 Blissful Facts about Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is more than “just another county” in the heart of England – it’s well-known for its amazing historic gardens, its tunnel systems, and acres of National Trust land. It’s therefore perfect for anyone looking for a vacation to take them back in time or deep into the heart of true nature. Here are some …
leicestershire header
24 Oct

10 Little-Known Facts about Leicestershire

Leicestershire is one of England’s best-loved historic counties – and, like most others, it’s packed full of history and stunning views. However, there are a few regal facts and interesting attractions that set Leics apart from the rest. Let’s take a closer look at why you might want to plan a trip here – and …
Warsaw Ghetto header
20 Oct

11 Grisly Facts about the Warsaw Ghetto

The Warsaw Ghetto was a curtailed region of Poland that suffered greatly at the hands of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Party members during World War II. Many people died as a result of the Nazis’ regime in Poland – and it’s important that we remember the struggles people went through to finally escape the horrors …
Hadrian's Wall
7 Oct

10 Solid Facts about Hadrian’s Wall

If you’ve ever been traveling up the northern reaches of the UK, you might likely have come across the iconic Hadrian’s Wall, one of the country’s best-loved landmarks. However, it didn’t originally serve the purpose of looking pretty! It’s a remnant from the Roman days of old. You’re in the right place if you’d like …
Warwickshire castle header
26 Sep

12 Wondrous Facts about Warwickshire

Warwickshire, England, is a “midlands” region that’s just one of several “shires” the nation’s known for. Warwickshire itself happens to be pretty stunning – and for history buffs, it’s also regarded as Shakespeare country! But, how much do you know about this picturesque region in England? Here are some fun facts about Warwickshire! 1. Warwickshire …
Oslo header
10 Sep

12 Awesome Facts about Oslo

Oslo is easily one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in Europe – maybe, period. Yet, many of us do not realize just how incredible the capital of Norway is! There are tons of great reasons to head to the north of Europe on a city break – and while we only have limited …
Royal Mail header
1 Sep

10 Reliable Facts about the Royal Mail

The Royal Mail is one of the most important British institutions – it’s responsible for tirelessly delivering and sending mail for people all over the country, come rain or shine (and in the UK, it’s definitely mostly rain!). So, we think it’s high time we all learn a little more about this incredible service. Here …
Windsor Castle, Berkshire
22 Aug

10 Brilliant Facts about Berkshire

Berkshire – one of England’s many famous “shires,” this county is perhaps most famous for its sheep farming, its horse racing, its quaint villages, and its royal seat at Windsor Castle. But what makes Berkshire stand out from the other shires? Let’s take a look at some fun facts about Berkshire that might inspire a …
shrewsbury 3794204 1280
20 Jul

10 Spectacular Facts about Shropshire

When thinking about the UK, most people tend to focus on the cities (particularly London) – but, have you ever considered looking a bit more to the north? More specifically, we’d like to take a closer look at Shropshire! Doesn’t ring a bell? It’s time to dive into some fun facts about Shropshire. 1. Where …