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interesting facts about Guatemala
11 Aug

14 Great Facts about Guatemala City

Guatemala is one of only a handful of countries with capital cities named the same! Guatemala City is the biggest city in the country, too – and since 1776, it’s been through its fair share of disasters and cultural moments. As the financial core of the country, too, its importance really can’t be understated! Here …
facts about Dublin
10 Aug

10 Delightful Facts about Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is one of the most intriguing cities Europe can be proud of. It has a rich history, fascinating culture, and of course, incredible pubs! It’s known as being a place of art, celebration, and music. But, let’s get to know Dublin a little better, together. Here are some fun facts about Dublin! 1. Does …
Interesting Facts about Damascus
5 Aug

11 Dynamic Facts about Damascus

World famous for being one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world, Damascus is certainly a cultural hub! However, since the Syrian civil war broke out, Damascus has also become a very difficult place to live and has left millions worried about the loss of this beloved city. So, let’s get to …
facts about new orleans
30 Jul

10 Funky Facts about New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most famous cities in the world thanks to its rich, bold culture, incredible cuisine, and fantastic festivals. So, let’s get to know this great town a little better with these ten fun facts about New Orleans! 1. Make way for Mardi Gras! Now one of the most famous celebrations …
interesting facts about Castries
12 Jul

12 Cool Facts About Castries

Ever wanted to visit the stunning island of Saint Lucia before? Deep in the Caribbean, you’ll find the city of Castries, which is in fact the capital – and it’s here where much of the administration goes down, too. Before visiting Saint Lucia or making any kind of break for the Caribbean, be sure to …
interesting facts about Naypyidaw
11 Jul

11 Noteworthy Facts about Naypyidaw

Naypyidaw – sometimes referred to as Nay Pyi Taw and the Royal Capital, is perhaps the most famous city locale in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. In fact, it’s not as old a capital city as you might think – and there are plenty of intriguing titbits about this eastern territory that might just surprise …
fun facts about Istanbul
10 Jul

10 Interesting Facts about Istanbul

Istanbul is easily one of the most popular cities in the world, and with good reason! This stunning city has traces of its rich history all over, boasting bright colors and fantastic foods. So, let’s get to know this Turkish delight a little better with some fun facts about Istanbul. 1. Where is Istanbul, anyway? …
interesting facts about Conakry
9 Jul

12 Captivating Facts about Conakry

Conakry, or kaw-na-kree as it’s pronounced, is the capital city of Guinea – it’s a small ex-French colony found towards the west of Africa. It has an amazing coastline – and here are some more fun facts about Conakry to help get you closer to what the capital’s all about. 1. Conakry once belonged to …
facts about Belfast
5 Jul

14 Breathtaking Facts about Belfast

Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland, is a capital with plenty of curious ancient history behind it. The city remains one of the largest on the Irish island on the whole, and while it has been a city fraught with conflict over the years, there is still much in the way of positivity and …
Facts about Cambridge
4 Jul

11 Clever Facts about Cambridge

Cambridge is a city of bicycles, canals and incredible educational merit – it’s also home to some serious rowing prowess, too! This English city is delightful for many reasons – but how much do you actually know about the area and its history? Here are some fun facts about Cambridge that might amaze you. 1. …
facts about casablanca
30 Jun

11 Charming Facts about Casablanca

This city has a rich history, plenty of wonderful culture – and while you may only know of the city from the movie of the same name, there’s plenty of fun facts about Casablanca, Morocco, to clue up on. Let’s dive right in. 1. Greenery in the heart of the city! The Bouskoura forest is …
Facts about Mumbai
27 Jun

10 Monumental Facts about Mumbai

If you know anything about India, you will know that Mumbai is one of the most important cities in the entire country. From economic wealth and cultural diversity, to some of the best research centers in the world and a fascinating founding history, Mumbai is definitely a city that you are going to want to …
interesting facts about Lilongwe
21 Jun

14 Enlightening Facts about Lilongwe

Lilongwe is the capital city of Malawi – and is fairly curious in that it is split into two separate parts! It’s pronounced li-lawng-wey – and it’s thought to be one of the friendliest cities in Africa. Keep reading to get your fill of fun facts about Lilongwe and to show off some serious global …
interesting facts about Chișinău
19 Jun

12 Cool Facts about Chișinău

Chișinău is the capital city of Moldova. Despite having a fairly turbulent history, the city has made huge strides and achievements in the sciences, horticulture and engineering! A university city, Chișinău has earned a fantastic reputation for education and innovation. It’s gorgeous to behold, too – here are some fun facts about Chișinău to clue …
facts about Miami
8 Jun

11 Marvelous Facts about Miami

Miami is the seventh-largest metropolitan area in the whole United States of America, and you’ll find it on the west coast of Florida. This popular holiday destination draws thousands of visitors annually thanks to its fabulous beaches, great climate and its reputation for hospitality! Read on for some fun facts about Miami that might just …