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911 World Trade Center Twin Towers Terrorist Attacks
11 Nov

12 Truthful Facts about the 9/11 Terrorist Attack

On September 11th, 2001, the world witnessed the biggest terrorist attack and resulting tragedy ever to be inflicted upon the west. It was on this date where a series of hijacked planes were flown directly into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, as well as into the Pentagon. The attack …
facts about the lake superior
23 Sep

11 Lavish Facts about Lake Superior

As one of the most beautiful spots on Earth and a very popular tourist site, Lake Superior is known across the globe! People from all over travel to the lake every year to explore the clear waters, shipwrecks, and incredible wildlife in the area. But Lake Superior has so much more to it, and many …
interesting facts about Connecticut
19 Aug

18 Curious Facts about Connecticut

The coastal state of Connecticut is often seen as one of the most historic and most affluent. It’s said to be home to over 3.5 million people and is around the midpoint of most populous states in the whole of the US. But what else is there to know about Connecticut? There’s more to the …
facts about Kentucky
15 Aug

10 Fun Facts about Kentucky

From chicken to derbies, pretty much everyone in the US has heard of Kentucky. But, believe it or not, this state has even more to offer than just finger-licking chicken and the occasional horse race! Here are ten fun facts about Kentucky you’ll want to remember. 1. It’s a mining state. Although when we think …
interesting facts about Massachusetts
14 Aug

10 Most Interesting Facts about Massachusetts

Massachusetts – officially named the Commonwealth of Massachusetts – is one of the most historically-rich states in the USA. Located on the East Coast, this state is home to some of the most important inventions we all use each and every day. Want to know more? Let’s dive into some fun facts about Massachusetts. 1. …
interesting facts about Idaho
13 Aug

10 Interesting Facts about Idaho

Whether you know it as the gem state, the potato state, or the gem of the mountains, Idaho is definitely a state that you should know more about! It has a rich and fascinating history, legends about monsters, and plenty of spuds to go around! Here are some fun facts about Idaho to get clued …
facts about new orleans
30 Jul

10 Funky Facts about New Orleans

New Orleans is one of the most famous cities in the world thanks to its rich, bold culture, incredible cuisine, and fantastic festivals. So, let’s get to know this great town a little better with these ten fun facts about New Orleans! 1. Make way for Mardi Gras! Now one of the most famous celebrations …
Facts about the Oregon Trail
18 Jun

9 Awesome Facts about The Oregon Trail

Known for being one of the most important routes connecting the east to the west in the US during pioneer times, the Oregon Trail has a rich and fascinating history. So, let’s dive into nine fun facts about the Oregon Trail to clue you in to how it all went down! 1. And I would …
facts about Miami
8 Jun

11 Marvelous Facts about Miami

Miami is the seventh-largest metropolitan area in the whole United States of America, and you’ll find it on the west coast of Florida. This popular holiday destination draws thousands of visitors annually thanks to its fabulous beaches, great climate and its reputation for hospitality! Read on for some fun facts about Miami that might just …
Castle Geyser
29 May

29 Warm Facts about Wyoming

Have you ever been to Wyoming before? Known for its peaks, desert sands and more, it’s a state with a rich and varied history. If you’ve taken a look at our fact files before, you’ll know that we love diving deep into facts about US states. Wyoming just happens to be one of the most …
interesting facts about Yosemite National Park
24 May

11 Facts about Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park is one of the best known National Park sites in the US. In fact, historians suggest that it may have helped to inspire the set up of further parks across the nation. Welcoming millions of visitors across the year, Yosemite is an iconic name in Californian tourism. But how much do you …
interesting facts about Times Square
20 May

11 Tremendous Facts about Times Square

Times Square is likely to be one of the most iconic locations in the whole of New York City, if not the entire state! Known to many as the ‘crossroads of the world’, it’s a popular location for businesses as well as for revellers, particularly given the fact that there are big New Year’s Eve …
facts about New Jersey
10 May

11 Juicy Facts about New Jersey

New Jersey is a coastal US state heading up towards the North East, home to many famous landmarks and buildings that the wider country is otherwise famous for across the world. It backs onto New York, which is why for some outsiders there may often be confusion over the two states! However, there’s lots to …
Facts about Atlanta International Airport
22 Apr

12 Ace Facts about Atlanta International Airport

Ever flown out of Georgia state before? There’s a good chance you’ve seen the inside of Atlanta International Airport, or the AIA, before. It’s responsible for helping to fly millions of people to and from the states every single year – and there’s a fascinating history behind it. Here are some fun facts about Atlanta …
facts about Colorado
19 Apr

11 Compelling Facts about Colorado

One of the most diverse states in terms of geography and topography, the US region of Colorado is famous for its national parks and modern cities – as well as its glorious, snow-capped mountains! This Western state is also one with some of the most fascinating history to its name. Here are just a few …