Science fun facts

13 Feb

10 Advanced Facts about Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, we’re hearing more and more about artificial intelligence, otherwise known as AI, and how it’s helping to make life, work, and entertainment more efficient and manageable. There’s no doubt that AI has plenty of uses – but there are plenty of reasons to be cautious around the tech, too! Here are some super fun …
speed of sound
8 Feb

11 Sonic Facts about the Speed of Sound

As kids, we all want to think that we can run at the speed of sound! Who hasn’t put on their fastest shoes and tried to break the sound barrier? If you haven’t tried it, you absolutely should. But what exactly does the speed of sound mean, and how does it work? Here are some …
1 Feb

11 Terrific Facts about Telescopes

Where on Earth would we be without telescopes? These marvelous eyepieces have helped us gain an incredible understanding of the universe around us and have supported extraordinary scientific discoveries, worked as sailor’s tools, and fueled childhood dreams of the stars. But how much do you know about the mighty telescope, where it came from, what …
7 Nov

9 Capable Facts about Carbon Fiber

Is it metal or material? Carbon fiber is one of the most fascinating materials we work with – mainly thanks to its strength, its versatility, and its durability. But what exactly is carbon fiber – and why is it so sought-after, and so relied-upon? In this guide, we’ll work through some fun facts about carbon …
batteries header
30 Oct

10 Powerful Facts about Batteries

We all use batteries on most days! From our TV remotes and toys to smoke detectors and even our car keys, it’s hard to deny how useful these portable power providers have become over the decades. Batteries effectively let us take electricity on the move – something millions of us take for granted if you …
Uranium header
25 Oct

11 Unbelievable Facts about Uranium

Highly useful but just as deadly, uranium is one of the planet’s most interesting elements. You’re probably aware of it most of all thanks to its radioactive properties – but did you know that we can use this strange element to help measure the age of our planet? Whether you’re already a science buff or …
Iron header
13 Oct

10 Impressive Facts about Iron

Iron is one of the most helpful chemical elements in this world. It has long been used in construction, technology, and it’s even got a strong place in our diets. Either way, it’s high time we all learn more about this element! Here are some fun facts about iron that might just surprise or even …
lead header
12 Oct

12 Leading Facts about Lead

When we think of lead, we tend to think of heavy materials, weaponry, and shielding materials. However, this is an extremely versatile element that’s more precious than you’d expect. Let’s take a look through some fascinating and fun facts about lead – just in case you face any science questions in your next pub quiz! …
calcium header
11 Oct

10 Cracking Facts about Calcium

Calcium plays a big part in supporting healthy teeth and bones, and in olden times, teachers used a type of calcium-based rock to write on blackboards! But what exactly is this spectacular element, and where can we find it? Here are some fun facts about calcium you’ll want to keep in mind. 1. Calcium is …
chlorine header
10 Oct

12 Charming Facts about Chlorine

Chlorine is an element that many of us have come across in our time – if you go swimming in local pools a lot, you will likely come across this strong-smelling chemical. It’s great for disinfection, but not so great on the nose – but what else is there to know about this periodic marvel? …
Copper header
9 Oct

12 Corking Facts about Copper

Copper is one of the most commonly-used metals in the world. Known for its distinctive color, longevity, and high burning temperature, copper is popularly used to help build fireplaces, kitchens, and more. But how much do you know about this super-versatile chemical element? Here are some fun facts about copper to mull over the next …
Pure silver
5 Oct

11 Surprising Facts about Silver

Used as a currency by some of the most ancient civilizations and used in nearly all forms of electronics in the modern age, silver has been essential to humans as far back as we can remember! Whether you have any in your pocket or not, here are some fun facts about silver you should remember …
helium header
4 Oct

11 High-Flying Facts about Helium

When many of us think of helium, we tend to think of a “funny” gas used to blow up party balloons and make our friends sound like chipmunks! However, helium is a very powerful gas that shouldn’t be played with irresponsibly! Here are some fun facts about helium you’ll want to remember. 1. It is …
Nitrogen header
3 Oct

10 Nifty Facts about Nitrogen

Abundant and a vital part of all our lives, nitrogen is an element that keeps all life on Earth… well, living! Like other gases in the periodic table, nitrogen has more than a few interesting features that continue to fascinate us – even if we can’t see it!! But how much do you know about …
Magnesium header
2 Oct

13 Magical Facts about Magnesium

When we think of magnesium, many of us tend to think about nutrition and supplements – however, it’s more than just an addition to our daily intake. What is magnesium, why is it important, and where can we find it? Let’s find out with some fun facts about magnesium that might surprise you. 1. It …