10 Jun

31 Open Facts About Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is easily one of the most famous people of all time. Her successes, influence, and public image cannot be undervalued! She’s the queen of TV talk – but did you know she’s also an extremely talented actor and a powerful advocate for several worthy causes? Yet, how much do you know about this …
Guglielmo Marconi
7 Jun

27 Great Facts About Guglielmo Marconi

When it comes to the most important inventors and engineers of the past few centuries, it’s difficult to go anywhere without mentioning the marvelous Guglielmo Marconi, an Italian genius who effectively invented the radio as we know it today. Without Marconi, we wouldn’t have been able to speak to each other through radio waves over …
The Suffragettes
5 Jun

25 Sassy Facts About The Suffragettes

When we think of the Suffragettes, many of us tend to think of large groups of women striking, burning bras, and protesting in the streets. And, to be fair, we wouldn’t be wrong! Suffragettes were bold, empowered, and determined women who played a pivotal role in ensuring that women in the UK received their basic …
Boris Yeltsin
27 May

24 Bright Facts About Boris Yeltsin

Anyone familiar with Russian political and social history will recognize Boris Yeltsin. He served as leader of the country between 1991 and 2000, meaning he was the figurehead for the country not only after the fall of the Soviet Union but also for the vast majority of the 1990s. Yeltsin helped to move Russia in …
facts about lebron james
13 May

30 Legendary Facts About LeBron James

It’s pretty safe to say that if you’re a fan of basketball or the NBA, you’ve heard of “King” James! LeBron James has fast become one of the most influential and successful basketball players of his generation – and, like most of the NBA’s brightest and best, it’s taken him incredible effort to reach the …
Stephen Curry
8 May

29 Super Facts About Steph Curry

If you’re any kind of basketball fan, then there’s a good chance you will already know who Steph Curry is. Dubbed one of the best basketball players of our time, this modern legend continues to be one of the most interesting players to watch on the court – but what is it about Curry that …
Emmanuel Macron
22 Feb

10 Statesmanlike Facts about Emmanuel Macron

The name Emmanuel Macron should ring a bell for most Europeans, but just in case it doesn’t, he is the current President of France at the time of writing. Currently serving his second term as president, he not only leads France, but is a voice at the forefront of European decision-making. So, it is only …
19 Feb

11 Adventurous Facts about Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was easily one of the most famous figures in history. Known for making world-changing discoveries and for playing a significant role in the conquering of the Americas, he is not someone history will soon forget. But how much do you know about this famous explorer? Here are some fun facts about Christopher Columbus. …
Vladimir Putin
7 Feb

11 Bold Facts about Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is easily one of the most infamous people in the world. As the head of Russia, he has long made questionable decisions regarding the country, its policies, and its treatment of other nations. But how much do you know about the Russian President? Here are some bold and interesting facts about Vladimir Putin. …
Augusto Pinochet
6 Feb

10 Alarming Facts about Augusto Pinochet

Augusto Pinochet is one of the most infamous names in world political history. Known for being a dictator for well over a decade, the man left a legacy of violence, fear-mongering, and cruelty. But how much do you know about the Chilean dictator? Here are some interesting facts about Augusto Pinochet worth remembering. 1. Pinochet …
facts about john d. rockefeller
5 Feb

10 Rocky Facts about John D. Rockefeller

The name “Rockefeller” should ring a bell for most of us. For example, we all know of Rockefeller Center and its significance in New York City. But how much do you know about the man the center was named after? John D. Rockefeller was easily one of the most influential and important entrepreneurs in American …
Vladimir Lenin
24 Jan

10 Revolutionary Facts about Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin was known for being one of the most influential people of the 20th century, and with good reason. As one of the founders of the Soviet Union, to this day, Lenin’s legacy is one of great controversy and debate – and, if you know anything at all about Russian history, it’s that its …
17 Jan

9 Ponderous Facts about Plato

Of all the philosophers past and present, it’s likely many of you have heard of Plato. One of the leading thinkers of his age, Plato remains a popular name among historians and philosophy students alike. In fact, there’s a good chance you might already use one or two of his philosophies! In any case, here …
leon trotsky
3 Jan

9 Lethal Facts About Leon Trotsky

If you know anything about the history of communism and the Russian Revolution, then you’ve probably heard of Leon Trotsky. Best known for being Vladimir Lenin’s right-hand man during the rise of the Bolsheviks and the overthrow of Tsarism in Russia, Trotsky would eventually come up against the might of Josef Stalin – but there’s …
davy crockett
1 Jan

9 Delightful Facts about Davy Crockett

Davy Crockett is nothing short of an American icon. However, unlike many legends, Crockett was very real indeed! You may have watched his stories on TV before – or, you might simply recognize the name from tales of yore. However, there’s plenty to the frontiersman that might just surprise you. And, that’s what we’re here …
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