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31 Strange And Bizarre WTF Facts

The world really is a strange, strange place. They say that fact is often stranger than fiction, and when you take a look at some of the following facts we have lined up for you here – you’d probably be inclined to agree with them! These are facts, figures and stats which are always likely to make you say ‘WTF’ in your head!

Therefore, if you’re really looking to be fascinated by some of the strangest, most bizarre facts on the planet, you really have come to the right place. These WTF facts are great to share with family and friends – but some of the grosser topics might be worth holding onto outside of dinner party occasions! Here’s some WTF facts we just couldn’t believe.

1. Breaking up over a brew?

In Turkey, during the 16th century, women could divorce their husbands if they failed to pour coffee for them!

2. Otters protect each other when they drift.

Sleeping sea-otters are often seen to be ‘holding hands’. It is thought they is so that they don’t drift apart!

3. Who needs spray tan?

Most people can potentially succumb to a weird condition called carotenemia. This is a reaction to eating so many carrots over a short period of time that your skin changes color! Carrots contain beta-carotene and if eaten in great quantity over a period of days, our skin tone can change.

WTF fun fact
Who needs spray tan?

4. Octopuses organize their limbs very practically.

Octopuses do not have eight ‘legs’. The limbs are actually in pairs of four ‘arm’ like limbs and four ‘leg’ like limbs.

5. Demote the goat!

‘William Windsor’ was the name of a goat who ‘served’ in the 1st Battalion Infantry of the Welsh. He behaved very badly during a ceremony to celebrate the Official Birthday of the Queen and so he was demoted from the rank of ‘ Lance Corporal’ to ‘Fusilier’!

6. A painful way to trim up!

People wishing to lose weight can burn 150 calories by banging their heads against a wall for one hour! Please don’t try this one at home!

7. There’s no pleasing some people!

It’s hard to believe, but some people have a fear of ‘fun’! They are said to suffer from cherophobia.

8. There’s a lot of fat in your head.

Your brain is at least 60% fat and is the fattiest organ in your body.

9. Kangaroos can be stopped… but you’ll be risking your life.

If you want to stop a Kangaroo from hopping away, you can simply lift its tail! That way, it immediately loses balance and falls over! DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!

Funny WTF Facts

10. Alaska is deer territory – seriously.

Alaska has so many caribou, that the total number outranks the people there!

11. Korea’s not big on the spray.

There is not much of a market for deodorant in Korea. Gene-triggering armpit odor is only present in 0.006% of the population!

12. Bananas grow in a highly unique way.

‘Negative geotropism’ is the term associated with how bananas develop! Instead of hanging down, they try to lean towards the sun and that’s the reason they are curved in shape!

The banana plant
The banana plant

13. Cats have amazing vocal abilities.

Ever wondered how cats are able to warble so ‘wonderfully’? They have approximately 100 different vocal cords!

14. Four seasons not enough for you?

Weirdly enough, the country of Bangladesh celebrates six different seasons of the year. These are Grisma, Barsa, Sharat, Hemanta, Basanta… and Sh*t!

15. Those butterflies? They’re real.

Believe it or not, butterflies in your stomach are sending you a message. This type of stomach flip is actually something of a distress signal, as it works in response to adrenaline.

What the Facts

16. Vending machine on the loose…

Capitol Hill in Seattle used to play host to an odd drinks vending machine. This machine used to stock full of discontinued drinks! From 1990 to 2018, it readily served the locals. Weirdly enough, it disappeared in 2018, with a note claiming it was ‘out for a walk’.

17. Keep an eye out for cussing!

Judges at Wimbledon’s famous tennis championship are provided with a list of swear words! The list details swear words and expressions from every participating nation, enabling the judges to identify any players who break the rules by swearing and penalize them accordingly!

18. From gold to white?

A goldfish, when kept in a dark room, is likely to turn a white shade after a while.

interesting WTF Facts

19. How did Edgar Allan Poe die?

Edgar Allan Poe, the iconic author of ‘The Fall of the House of Usher’, led an odd life. However, his death is even weirder. No one was ever sure how he died, though he is said to have been found on the street, wearing clothing that wasn’t his own, in the last days leading up to his death.

20. Ever read something backwards?

A sentence or word can be called a ‘palindrome’ when it can be read in both directions to give meaning. One such sentence is ’do geese see God’! Or, the word ’madam’ in itself is a palindrome word.

21. Saint Lucia is unique in at least one way.

The only country in the world named after a woman is Saint Lucia. It was given the name by the French people who were shipwrecked there on a French holiday, which happened to be the one commemorating ‘Saint Lucia’.

interesting facts about st lucia

22. A good frog never sleeps!

The bullfrog is not known to sleep. We can’t imagine living like that!

23. You can’t bring your pets to the big freeze!

No animals other than human beings are allowed to visit Antarctica. This is because there are protections in place against animals spreading disease to local seals.

24. Some twins arrive late.

A pair of twins was, weirdly enough, born 87 days apart. The Elliot twins – Amy Ann and Kate Marie – were born on June 1st and August 27th, respectively.

facts about twins

25. Who needs consonants?

There are only 12 letters, in total, in the Hawaiian alphabet.

26. You’ve got to believe in something…

Iceland is well-known for its interesting traditions and beliefs! Believe it or not, more than half of the people interviewed there in 1998 believed that elves existed.

27. It’s impossible to sneeze while you’re asleep.

The brain actively shuts down the part of your body that sneezes while you sleep.

Facts about Sleeping

28. French people really care about bread…

France has very specific rules regarding the sale of local bread. Specifically, France’s Bread Law (1993) states that it cannot be sold with additives and that it can’t be frozen beforehand.

29. The vast majority of laughter is natural!

Not all laughter comes at the expense of joking around. In fact, it’s thought that only 20% of all laughter we make comes after a joke or two!

30. Pixar nearly made a very grave error.

Toy Story 2 very nearly didn’t happen at all – most of it was deleted by accident! Thankfully, someone had a backup in place, meaning the master copy could be replaced.

Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story
Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

31. No other bird can do this!

The hummingbird remains the only avian in the world that is able to fly backwards!

Do you know any random, bizarre or funny WTF facts? Share them in the comments below!

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