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On This Day - December 31st

We’ve made it. It’s the last day of the year, and a time for reminiscing, planning, celebration, and lots of champagne! But, it is important to know that December 31st is about more than just an end to a year. Here are some of the most interesting things to have ever taken place on December 31st.

On this day


Commodus was nearly killed

Back in 192 AD, then-Roman Emperor Commodus faced a pretty nasty attempt on his life – history tells us that it was new year’s eve when the Emperor risked a poisoning attempt from his mistress – he survived it, so was then strangled while in the bath! That’s a new year’s party we’ll be passing up…


Gallia was invaded

In 406, 80,000 Vandals, Alans, and Suebians crossed the Rhine at Mainz. In doing so, they began the invasion of Gallia. It's often referred to by historians and students as the "barbarian invasion," which helped to start the toppling of Constantine III.

James Bradley

James Bradley found the wobble

In 1744, English astronomer James Bradley announced his discovery of Earth's nutation motion. It is also known as Earth’s wobble – he didn’t just find a rogue plate of jello in the fridge!

battle of quebec

The Battle of Quebec took place

In 1775, the Battle of Quebec unfolded – during which, Richard Montgomery’s American Continental Army was defeated trying to take the British stronghold of Quebec City during the American Revolutionary War. General Montgomery was killed as a result – and it’s a story many of us will have learned in history class.

fulgencio batista

Batista fled

In 1958, Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista told his Cabinet he planned to flee the country. He’d escape the country on new year’s day, taking with him 40 supporters and family members, eventually landing in the Dominican Republic.

Special Days Falling on December 31st

So we all know why December 31st is so special, but did you know that there are other big events today that are honored around the world? Here are some of the ones to consider today.
facts of scotland


Hogmanay is a Scottish word which means "the last day of the year." It is celebrated in Scotland on new year's eve, and typically involves parties and the exchange of gifts! Hogmanay has roots in Norse and Gaelic traditions.

Flag of Azerbaijan

World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day

World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day is celebrated every year in the Republic of Azerbaijan on December 31st. It is a public holiday that honors the solidarity of the people of Azerbaijan, also known as Azerbaijanis. The day dates back to 1989 when the border fences that once separated Soviet Azerbaijan and Iran were dismantled, so it is only right we celebrate it!

Dom Perignon champagne

National Champagne Day

Considering how much champagne is consumed all over the world to mark the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, it is no surprise that today is National Champagne Day! So, grab a glass and your loved ones close and toast the new year with something bubbly!

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