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facts about Climate Change
3 Jun

16 Facts About Climate Change You Need To Know

The world is changing all around us, so isn’t it time you learned just what’s going on out there? Take a look at these shocking facts about climate change and you’ll never think about it the same way again. 1. Global warming and climate change add up to the same problems. Global warming is included …
facts about extinction
30 Dec

12 Important Facts about Extinction

Extinction refers to the end of life – that may be the end of a particular animal or plant species, for example. Perhaps most famously, we know of the extinction of the dinosaurs – but, sadly, there are many species still going extinct to this day for various reasons – some within our control. Here …
Global Warming Facts
20 Aug

27 Alarming Facts About Global Warming

Global warming is a topic that still seems to be causing a bit of a stir. Scientific studies across the decades show that our planet is getting warmer. This not only means that our polar ice caps are at risk of melting, but it also means that we could be saying goodbye to many species …