interesting facts about Montenegro

18 Interesting Facts about Montenegro

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Here’s 18 super interesting facts about Montenegro fo you to learn..

  1. Montenegro is a small Balkan country in South East Europe with a coastline along the Adriatic Sea.
  2. It’s bordered by Bosnia and Herzegovina to the North West, Serbia to the North East, Albania to the South East and Croatia to the west.
  3. The coordinates for Montenegro are 42.7833° N, 19.4667°
Facts of Montenegro

Flag of Montenegro

  1. The terrain here is a stunning contrast of rugged mountains, forests, 117 sandy beaches and boasts ski resorts too. We’re off to pack…
  2. The total land area of Montenegro is 5,333 square miles (13,812 square kilometres).
  3. Montenegro’s population was 622,359 in 2018.
  1. The capital is Podgorica which covers an area of 556 square miles (1,441 square kilometres) and has a population of 185,937 (2011).
  2. The average life span here is 77.67 years (2017).
  3. The official language of Montenegro is Montenegrin. I know, we were blown away too! They do, however, also speak Serbian, Croatian and Albanian here.

Facts about Montenegro

  1. Euro is the official currency in this country, which is handy because most of us have a few coins lying around somewhere.
  2. Unusually, should you wish to extend your stay here there are no requirements for a tourist visa, only for work visas. Nice and easy!
  3. This place is so cool that even the James Bond movie, Casino Royale had scenes based in Montenegro, although it was actually shot in Czech Republic, but still, we’ll gloss over that…
Interesting facts about Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

  1. Once a part of the former Yugoslavia, Montenegro has only been an independent nation since 2006.
  2. The town of Mitrovica is home to what’s thought to be the oldest olive tree in the world, at more than 2,000 years old!
  3. Montenegro produces vegetables, fruits, honey, fish and wine… ooh, wine…

Interesting facts about Montenegro

  1. Its industry consists of metal processing, wood processing, textile manufacture, engineering, tourism, chemicals and construction.
  2. It also exports raw metals, passenger and cargo ships and wine. We like wine!
  3. Want to call family or friends in Montenegro?  You’ll need to use the international dialling code +382.

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