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5 Facts About Construction Machinery You Didn’t Know

The construction industry is one that relies heavily on machinery and equipment. There are all kinds of impressive machines that can be used to carry out tasks that would be impossible for a human alone, so it is hard to imagine what the world would look like without these machines. This also means that there are a few interesting facts about construction machinery that you might not know. It is worth looking at these facts as they are sure to give you a much greater ap-preciation for the incredible work they do in the construction world. Interested? Keep reading to learn more.

1. Heavy Equipment Dates Back To Rome

There have, of course, been many amazing developments in the world of construction equipment over the years, but there is evidence that heavy equipment and cranes can be traced as far back as Ancient Rome. Historians have found information showing that this equipment was used for construction purposes in the first century BC. Nowadays, there are all kinds of amazing pieces of heavy equipment available, including excavators, screeners, breakers, and crushers. You can find the best construction equipment Florida has to offer from reputable suppliers. This is a smart way to get the equipment you need for your project, as you can get expert advice, ongoing sup-port, and finance deals.

2. The Tallest Crane Is 53.3 Metres

Cranes are an integral part of the construction, particularly when it comes to building large sky-scrapers. Some cranes have to be incredibly tall to lift materials to a great height, and the tallest crane is the Liebherr Type 357 HC-L, which has an incredible max height of 53.3 meters or 174.8 feet.

Bulldozer Facts

3. Autonomous & Remote Operation Is On The Rise

These days, a lot of construction equipment can be automated or operated remotely. Automation is beneficial as it can improve safety, increase efficiency, and free up time for workers to focus on other areas. Remote operation, with the rise of connectivity technologies, can improve safety in hazardous environments and increase accessibility in remote locations.

4. Bulldozers Have Incredibly Powerful Engines

Bulldozers are among the most common construction machines because they are versatile and can be used for several purposes. They can move earth, grade, clear land, excavate, and compact, just to name a few. As such a heavy-duty piece of equipment, bulldozers need to have incredibly powerful engines. A typical bulldozer’s engine can produce up to 1200 horsepower and weigh up to 30 tons.

5. Drone Use Has Increased By 239% In The Last Year

In recent years, drones have become a crucial piece of equipment in the construction industry. In fact, drone usage has increased by a staggering 239% in the last year alone. Drones can be used in all kinds of ways on a construction site, including surveying and monitoring, progress monitor-ing, and site inspections.

These are a few interesting facts about construction machinery that show just how important it is to the industry. Construction equipment can be dated as far back as the first century BC, but it has become much more advanced thanks to impressive tech developments over the years.

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