24 Absolute Facts About Apple

Apple is easily one of the most famous companies in the world. This huge corporation is known for inventing some of the most useful and used technology products that many of you are probably using right now. After all, most of us have at least one Apple product, and usually more!

We can all recognize their logo at a moment’s notice and can even recognize their products without even having to see their logo! If that’s not fame, what is?

Yet, how much do we all actually know about one of the most successful companies of the 21st century?

Here are some iMazing facts about Apple – whether or not you’re browsing on a Mac or an iPhone!

1. Apple was founded in the 70s.

As much as we see Apple as being a very modern company, it was actually started back in the 70s.

To be more precise, Apple Inc. was founded on April 1, 1976, by the legendary trio of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The company was famously born in the Jobs family garage in Los Altos, California.

In fact, Jobs was regarded as the face of the brand for many years, thanks to his innovator persona.

2. They started with the Apple I computer.

Initially, the small business aimed to sell the Apple I computer kit, which was primarily designed by Wozniak.

This home computer kit was a single-board computer that didn’t arrive with a keyboard, monitor, or case, and users had to assemble it themselves. Can you imagine having to put together your MacBook Pro nowadays?

Despite its limited functionality, it laid some serious groundwork for Apple’s future innovations, so was an incredibly important product – and, naturally, there are plenty of us who are nostalgic for it.

3. Apple’s iconic logo is also a 70s creation.

As mentioned above, we all know the Apple logo. It is sleek, easily recognizable, and straight to the point!

Well, this iconic logo, which features an apple with a bite taken out of it, was designed by Rob Janoff in 1977.

And, believe it or not, the bite in the apple serves an important purpose! The bite was specifically implemented to prevent the apple from being mistaken for a cherry (or any other type of fruit, for that matter)!

Old Apple Logo

4. The Apple II is what really took the company to new heights.

The company’s first big commercial success was the Apple II. It was also the company’s first mass-produced product – and it came along at a time when home technology was really starting to mature.

The Apple II was officially released in 1977, and unlike its predecessor, it thankfully came fully assembled for the user! It also featured color graphics and an integrated keyboard – meaning this really was a step forward.

As you can imagine, this groundbreaking computer played a significant role in popularizing new personal computers – and, of course, Jobs, Wozniak and co. didn’t stop there…

5. The Macintosh changed the game completely.

As important as the Apple II was, the Macintosh is what really changed the game for Apple.

This new computer, now known as the basis of the term “Mac,” was introduced in 1984.

It was the first commercially successful computer for home use to feature a graphical user interface (GUI). This, along with its mouse, made computing more intuitive and accessible for everyone.

While many of you probably assume there’s a bit of a learning curve for Apple devices, think again. Macs have always been produced to be super user-friendly!

6. Steve Jobs was removed from the company.

Despite being one of its key founders, Steve Jobs was famously ousted from Apple in 1985. It’s thought he had a major disagreement with the company’s board, which naturally led to the innovator parting ways. He was said to be brilliant, but hot-headed!

However, he also famously returned to the company in 1997 when Apple acquired NeXT.

NeXT was a company Jobs founded after leaving Apple. Talk about an awkward comeback!

7. However, Steve Jobs’ return changed everything for Apple.

As you may know, Steve Jobs became the very face of Apple by the 00s, and with good reason.

His return brought about a remarkable period of innovation for the company, leading to the development of groundbreaking products like the MacBook, iPod, iPhone, and

Arguably, the arrival of the iPod and iTunes in the early 00s revolutionized personal music for good, and it was thanks to Jobs and his team that smartphones became so popular from the mid-00s onward.

8. Apple had a world-famous Super Bowl commercial.

For those of you out there not quite old enough to remember it, Apple did indeed have a world-famous Super Bowl commercial – their 1984 ad placement was directed by the legendary Ridley Scott!

The commercial aired during the Super Bowl XVIII and introduced the Macintosh to the world. It showed off a grim, dark, and nightmarish future controlled by conformity, with a woman smashing a screen wide open.

The ad was a huge success for Apple – and even more fitting, given it carried undertones of George Orwell’s famous novel, “1984” – check the year it was released again…!

9. The iPod revolutionized music.

We’ve mentioned the iPod briefly, but this musical marvel, released in 2001, really deserves more than just a footnote. It not only transformed Apple from an also-ran company against Microsoft, but also changed the way people listened to music.

It did so by making digital music accessible to everyone, and easily portable. With its super sleek design and intuitive interface, the iPod quickly became synonymous with portable music players, dominating the market for years to come. In fact, imitations of it from other companies failed pretty quickly! The iPod was everywhere, and it was here to stay.


10. iTunes helped solidify the iPod’s fame.

With the introduction of the iTunes Store all the way back in 2003, people everywhere could easily buy the music they loved in digital format, synced via iPods ready to go.

This incredible app helped to solidify Apple’s dominance in digital music by transforming music purchasing into a simple pay and download model. It’s also obvious that iTunes paved the way for the likes of music streaming services, such as Spotify, Deezer, and Apple’s own Apple Music, many years down the line.

11. Apple opened their own stores, too.

In another innovative and unexpected move, Apple actually opened its own retail stores! Apple Stores first opened their doors in 2001, and, naturally, they’ve been a common sight ever since.

The stores were and still are designed to provide a unique customer experience. They’re easy to recognize with clean interior design, tables adorned with Apple products ready to test, and even free tables with chargers that Apple customers can come to use at their pleasure!

Many people head to Apple Stores for their Geniuses – that is, experts in Apple tech who can fix almost anything they put their minds to.

12. The iPhone quickly became Apple’s defining product.

Of course, many of us use iPhones in the modern age. This product was introduced back in 2007, and it redefined the cellphone industry – and maybe even helped to create the “smartphone” as we know it today!

The product made such an impact at the time thanks to its multi-touch interface, mobile web browsing capabilities, and App Store, which allowed users to download and install third-party programs.

It even included the ability to buy and listen to your music through the iTunes Store, ultimately bringing your iPod and phone into one place! No need for a computer – that was revolutionary.

iPhone launch on this day January 9th

13. The iPad quickly followed to revolutionize tablets.

Not everyone needs a MacBook, but the iPhone isn’t always powerful enough for work tasks. And so, the iPad was born!

The iPad was introduced in 2010. It popularized the tablet computer, offering a larger screen than smartphones for browsing, gaming, and productivity tasks without having to carry the weight and deal with the space that computers and laptops take.

This is the sort of technology that – literally – Star Trek foretold us about some 50-60 years ago!

14. Apple changed the game yet again – with a voice assistant.

Now, most of us think of one specific voice when we think of Apple, and that is, of course, the voice of Siri.

Apple’s voice-controlled virtual assistant debuted with the iPhone 4S all the way back in 2011.
Siri allows users to perform various tasks using voice commands, such as sending messages, making calls, getting directions, and generally answering questions.

Now, Siri can even make jokes and hold general conversations with users! Its main rival is, of course, Amazon’s Alexa. But, who do you prefer…?

15. Apple’s operating systems are named after locations.

You may have wondered where Apple gets their macOS operating system names from. For example, El Capitan, Yosemite, and Mojave all seem rather random! However, they do have an important meaning for the company.

Apple gets those operating system names from various iconic locations in California – which is, famously, where they’re based! Apple makes up part of the famous Silicon Valley, an area in CA where technology startups seem to thrive.



16. Apple’s chips put the company ahead of the rest.

One of the biggest reasons that Apple products are so popular is because they are so powerful and efficient. Apple has its chips to thank for that!

Their custom-designed chips, including the A-series chips for iPhones and iPads and the M-series chips for Macs, offer industry-leading performance and efficiency.

Apple’s chips also help to ensure its devices’ longevity, though there have been some cases over the years where the company’s devices have faced concerns over slowing down after years of use.

17. It all comes back to Apple Park.

As mentioned, Apple’s corporate headquarters are famously located in California. That is why many of their products state that they are “Designed in California.”

They officially come from Apple Park, Apple’s corporate headquarters. Apple Park is known for its futuristic design and environmentally friendly features, including a large solar panel array. Trust Apple to go all out on its HQ design!

18. The company has been very vocal about its concerns for the environment.

Along with their environmentally friendly headquarters, Apple has made it very clear that it is committed to being a more sustainable company.

Apple is known for its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, use renewable energy, and even recycle materials in its products. In fact, the company encourages people to bring their old, broken, or forgotten Apple products to Apple Stores across the world to be recycled.

Apple has made significant investments in solar and wind energy projects, as well as the development of its own renewable energy facilities to power its own operations.

Apple Park

Apple Park

19. Apple products are available to all.

One of the best things about Apple products is the company’s evident efforts to make them accessible to as many people as possible.

That is to say that the company’s products’ built-in accessibility features, such as the VoiceOver, Switch Control, and Magnifier, enable users with disabilities to access and interact with Apple devices.

There may be a few hidden features on your iPhone you might have missed – take a look around your Settings!

20. Apple became a big movie and series production company, too.

In possibly one of the strangest moves in corporate history, Apple became a fully-fledged TV and movie studio on the back of its streaming service, Apple TV+. If you’d have made this fact known some 30-40 years ago, people would be looking at you pretty strangely.

The online streaming service has produced multiple award-winning films and series. Some of the most popular titles include The Crowded Room, Tetris, The Morning Show, Shrinking, Lessons in Chemistry, and most recently, Masters of the Air.

21. It is also a big company in the wellness industry.

Not only do many hospitals and medical centers famously use Apple products, but the company has also made significant efforts to bring health and wellness to all of its users.

The company’s laser-sharp focus on health and wellness is reflected in features such as the Health app, which allows users to track their fitness metrics, monitor health data, and share information with healthcare providers.

Apple Watches, too, can now also track how long you have been sitting down and will tell you if you should stand, and can even detect if the person wearing it has fallen and call the appropriate emergency services to come help them!

Apple Watch

22. The price of the first Apple computer had a devilish tag.

Steve Wozniak reportedly set the price tag of Apple’s very first computer, the DIY Model I, all the way back in 1976. The cost? $666.66.

Now – this isn’t something straight out of a conspiracy theory – but, rather, that Wozniak preferred to run several of the same digits together in a row. So now, the Apple I wasn’t – as far as we know – demonic!

23. Apple had its own clothing line.

Yes – although we’re used to seeing Apple putting its name on tech and entertainment these days, it did indeed have a fashion line of sorts, released in 1986. This was known as the “Apple Collection.”

Take a look at some of the clothes produced online – they’re brightly colored and full of character! This was, of course, long before the company decided to lean into minimalism by the time the 00s rolled around.

24. Keep an eye on the time!

Weirdly enough, Apple tends to use the same time in every commercial it produces – on its iPhones, iPads, and more, you’ll see that the clock usually says 9:41!

That’s by design, as you might expect – it’s roughly when new products are launched during big speeches. So, for instance, if Apple holds a release event or speech, it’ll likely launch a product around 40 minutes in. Strange but true!

Apple used to use 9:42 instead, but this was the time that Steve Jobs officially launched the game-changing iPhone all those years ago.

Apple MacintoshFAQs About Apple

What is Apple known for as a company?

Apple is most notably known for being the company that created the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and all of the Macintosh computers. However, you’ll also likely know them for their Watches, their TV programs, movies, and even their VR devices!

Why is Apple so successful?

Apple products are known for being highly performative, easy to use, relatively long-lasting, powerful, and pretty nice to look at! The company has also led the charge in smartphones and music devices for a long time. They’re seen as major disruptors and innovators – which has helped them stand apart from the pack.

What is Apple’s biggest business?

Although Apple makes a lot of different products ranging from affordable to very expensive, it is the iPhone that has been the company's main source of business for a long time. It remains one of the best-loved smartphones on the market.

However, some critics, users included, feel the iPhone is overdue for something of an overhaul. Where do they go from here, honestly? That’ll be down to the likes of current Apple boss, Tim Cook, and his team to figure out.

Do you know any fun facts about Apple? Share them in the comments below!

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