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⛵ 17 Salty Facts about The Dead Sea

With a name like The Dead Sea, how could we miss it out? That’s what we thought, so we put pen to paper to create a list of interesting facts about the Dead Sea that are sure to have you talking and Googling for days.

  1. The Dead Sea is up to 9 times saltier than any other sea or ocean in the world!
  2. People have described the feeling of floating in it as like a combination of olive oil and fine sand.
  3. In Hebrew it is known as the “Salt Sea”.
  4. But in Arabic it’s called the “Sea of Death”.
  5. It’s located between the banks of Israel and Jordan

Floating effortlessly in the salty Dead Sea

  1. People claim it helps them with a variety of skin conditions like acne and eczema.
  2. A number of people have also claimed it helps soothe muscle pain and arthritis.
  3. The banks of The Dead Sea are populated with many luxury spas and hotels.
  4. Herod the Great built the world’s first health spa there more than 2,000 years ago.
  5. It’s the lowest land point on Earth.
  1. That’s because The Dead Sea is located at an amazing 423 metres below sea level.
  2. And it means the nearby Highway 90 is the world’s lowest road…
  3. …it’s 393 metres below sea level at its lowest point!
  4. You’re less likely to get sunburn here because the UV has to go through more atmosphere to reach your skin.
  5. The Dead Sea scrolls contain some of the origins of Christianity and were discovered in 1947.
  6. Pebbles and asphalt blocks are pushed to the surface by the water’s salt content.
  7. The water level is dropping by 1 metre a year and the length of the sea has halved in the last 100 years due to the water being used for nearby developments.

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