The Glorious Twelfth 

🗓️ On This Day - August 12th

August 12th is a day for reflection. Take the time to look back on this date throughout history and see what makes it so special! You may also find a few international holidays that are worth celebrating, too – even if you don’t have any personal reasons to mark the occasion yourself.

On this day

The Battle of Didgori

The Battle of Didgori took place. 

In 1121, the Battle of Didgori took place. The Georgian army won the battle over the Seljuk commander Ilghazi. The event would lead to the capital of the country changing from the initial Kutaisi over to Tbilisi.

Singer sewing machine

A Singer got an important document! 

In 1851, inventor Isaac Singer got a patent that would change his life and the world. If the name does not ring a bell, the invention will – he patented the sewing machine, which helped to make clothes-making and textile work more uniform and more efficient the world over.

Edison's phonograph

Thomas Edison finished an important invention. 

Singer wasn’t the only inventor making big strides on August 12th. In 1877, Thomas Edison successfully devised the phonograph’s first prototype. This latest device in Edison’s catalog of wonders recorded sound onto tinfoil cylinders. It was arguably the forerunner of modern home speakers.

Ford Model T

The Model T rolled out!

Car fanatics are likely well aware of the iconic Ford Model T – and its origins date all the way back to August 12th, 1908. It was on this date that Henry Ford’s crew first built and unveiled the iconic automobile.

Tianjin explosion

An industrial accident shook China. 

In 2015, an industrial accident created a series of explosions that hit Tianjin in China. The tragic event killed at least 50 people and injured 700 more. 

Special Days Falling on August 12th      

This August 12th, we encourage you to take a look around the world and see some of the incredible celebrations that take place today! Here are some of the most notable events unfolding that you may or may not be aware of.
Thailand Mother’s Day 

Thailand Mother’s Day 

Every August 12th, the people of Thailand take the day to celebrate mothers all over the country! In Thailand, jasmines are a common gift to give to mothers on Mother’s Day, as they are associated with purity and gentleness in Thai culture. No better present for a mother, right? 

The Glorious Twelfth 

The Glorious Twelfth 

August 12th is also an important date in the UK! The Glorious Twelfth celebrates the beginning of the shooting season for red grouse. It is a day where a lot of shooting takes place, so if you happen to be in the UK, make sure to wear a high visibility jacket! 

a huge African elephant

World Elephant Day 

Never forget that one of the most notable facts about August 12th is that it is also World Elephant Day. Today, we should all take the time to appreciate and learn more about these majestic creatures! Elephants are known for being very intelligent – which is what makes their current situation that much more cruel. Elephants are indeed an endangered species due to poaching and hunting. So, today is also an important day to see what we can all do to help prevent these atrocities from happening further, even if it means just learning a bit about their plight.

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