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Facts of Italy

Rome was overrun!

In 410 AD, Rome was overrun by Visihgoths under the orders of Alaric I. This would later be seen as the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Empire would collapse completely by around 476 AD, but historians argue that it was this moment that set the ball in motion.

Facts about France

A massacre occurred in France.

In 1572, St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre of Protestants by Roman Catholics began in Paris. It later spread to the French provinces and was just one of several "purges" befalling France towards the end of the 1500s. Thankfully, we live in (slightly) more enlightened times.

The Book of Common Prayer

The Book of Common Prayer was accepted.

In 1662, due to the Act of Uniformity, the English had to accept the Book of Common Prayer. This was part of a series of moves beginning from 1660, after the UK had brought back the monarchy (it had been overthrown by Oliver Cromwell some years prior).

Mexico Facts

Mexico started on the road to independence.

August 24th, 1821, was an incredibly important day for Mexico as a nation – as it was when the Treaty of Córdoba was signed. This is one of the most crucial documents that led to Mexico claiming full independence from Spain!

Pete Rose

Pete Rose shocked the baseball world.

Then-highly regarded baseball player and later manager Pete Rose rocked the world of sport on this day in 1989, as it emerged that he’d been betting on games. This led to Rose’s barring from entering the hallowed Baseball Hall of Fame. Rose openly admitted to betting habits some time later.

Special Days Falling on August 24th

August 24th is also a day for celebration, commemoration, and taking the time to consider others. With that in mind, here are some of the most important holidays taking place around the world today.
Cassettes use magnetic fields to store music

International Strange Music Day

Believe it or not, every August 24th is the perfect date to celebrate your taste in strange music! It is a day where all around the world people are encouraged to listen to their loved ones’ strange tastes in music, or even try new genres they may have never considered before. Broaden your horizons, learn about some strange new music today!

Facts about Liberia

National Flag Day in Liberia

Every August 24th is also National Flag Day in Liberia. The flag marks the country's independence from the US and is honored every year on this same date. All around the nation, people honor the country, its struggles, and get together with family and friends to mark the nation's independence.

Apostle Batholomew

St Bartholomew History

One of the first apostles of Jesus Christ, St Bartholomew, has his own special day every year on August 24th. Christians all around the world take the time today to honor St Bartholomew, and all that he did for their lord and saviour. It also happens to mark the date of the St Bartholomew's Massacre, as mentioned above.

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