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🗓️ On This Day - August 8th

By now, we fully expect that you have lost track of the days in summer. But, this August 8th, you might want to take some time to commemorate the day! Here are some of the most important things to know about August 8th – and congratulations, of course, if today is a special day for you, too!

On this day

Emperor Krishnadeva Raya

Emperor Krishnadeva Raya had a very important day!

In 1509, August 8th marked the day that the Emperor Krishnadeva Raya received his crown. This was the very start of the Vijayanagara Empire regenerating in the south of India. The Empire would rule in the region until around 1646.

Galileo Galilei’s telescope

The Venetian government made some important breakthroughs.

In 1609, the Venetian senate examined a telescope. Of course, it was no one else’s but Galileo Galilei’s telescope – and, as we all know, Galilei's work helped to build the foundations of modern astronomy as we know it today.

interesting facts about the Alps

Balmat and Paccard climbed higher than most.

In 1786, Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard climbed to the top of Mont Blanc's, the highest mountain in Western Europe. They were the first two men ever recorded to do so – and many have attempted to follow in their footsteps since.

Iran Iraq Ceasefire 1988

An important ceasefire was announced.

In 1988, it was announced that there would be a ceasefire between Iran and Iraq. This was the first ceasefire in over eight years of war, and it officially came into effect as of August 20th that year.

doctors wearing protective suit

Ebola became an international concern.

In 2014, the West African Ebola outbreak was officially categorized as an international concern by the WHO (World Health Organisation). Ebola continues to claim lives across Africa to this day.

Special Days Falling on August 8th

Thankfully, August isn’t all about looking back! In fact, today, around the world, there are plenty of things to celebrate. Here are just some of the best international holidays to mark today.!
International cat day

International Cat Day

Cats are, of course, domesticated creatures known for their tenderness, loyalty, and fierceness! And, of course, for being cute and fluffy. At least, most of them are! So, today, whether you love cats or not, try to take the time to appreciate just how much more wonderful the world is with them in it. And, if you do have a cat, give them a treat for all that they do for you!

Peace Festival in Augsburg

Peace Festival in Augsburg

This huge festival has been a public holiday since 1950! Every year, the Augsburg High Peace Festival celebrates the idea of setting aside our differences and coming together to celebrate life in general. It's a beautiful concept, and it is the only one of its kind celebrated every year in this town in Bavaria, Germany.

Digital Nomad Day

Digital Nomad Day

Following the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, many of us around the world became digital nomads without ever meaning to! In fact, millions of us haven’t looked back since. Being a digital nomad means being able to work with technology wherever you may go. Why not travel the world instead of working from home? Provided you have a laptop and a working internet connection, there are plenty of great outdoor “offices” to explore.

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This month in history

The atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki in Japan. In August 1945, Japan became the only country to have been bombed by an atomic bomb during World War II. To this day, the date of the bombing is commemorated every year to honor the victims of the tragic event.

Famous Birthdays on August 8th

Dustin Hoffman, American actor, born 1937

Nigel Mansell, British auto racer, born 1953

Roger Federer, Swiss tennis player, born 1981

David Florence, British canoeist, born 1982

Shawn Mendes, Canadian singer and songwriter, born 1998

Fun Facts about the Leo Star Sign

If you were born on August 8th…

…you’re a Leo! You are a warm, attentive, and passionate person! You’re also very dynamic, and it can be hard for others to keep up with you – but that just makes you more fun! You’re keen to make the most out of life, and that energy can be really infectious. Take a closer look at our Leo facts page for a breakdown of even more astrological statistics.

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