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On This Day - December 10th

Yes, we have officially reached double digits in the December days, and we can practically feel you panicking through the screen! Don’t worry, there is still plenty of time to get everything sorted for the holidays! In fact, you have so much time, we would like you to take the next few minutes to take a break, and consider all of the things that make today such a special day.

On this day

michael iv

Michael IV died.

In 1041, Michael IV, the Byzantine Emperor, died due to dropsy. His wife Empress Zoe raised her son to the Eastern Roman Empire throne as his successor, Michael V.

gravitational pull

Isaac Newton’s theory went mainstream.

In 1684, Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravity, which was contained in the paper De motu corporum in Hyrum, was read for the first time to the Royal Society. It was read by Edmond Halley.

metric system instruments

The metric system was adopted.

In 1799, the metric system was first adopted in France. It remains their measurement system to this day and has been invaluable in their research ever since.

abdication of edward

Edward VIII abdicated.

In 1936, Edward VIII signed the Instrument of Abdication, giving up the British throne to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson. It was this decision that led his brother to become king, a position he would eventually pass down to his daughter, Queen Elizabeth II.

Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK was rewarded.

1964’s Nobel Peace Prize went to legendary civil rights leader DR. Martin Luther King, Jr., on this day – recognizing his incredible efforts to help pursue true equality across the US. Tragically, he was assassinated less than four years later.

Special Days Falling on December 10th

We expect that you’ll already be in full holiday mode by now, but, before you get too lost in it, take the time to consider some of the other important events today brings.
sperm whales

Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales

Believe it or not, every December 10th, people celebrate the Festival for the Souls of Dead Whales. The day is there to honor and commemorate all of the whales that have unjustly lost their lives to whaling, and other man-made practices that endanger and kill them and their homes. These giant creatures deserve our respect in every sense, and today is a good reminder many of us still need that!

International Animal Rights Day

Speaking of animals in danger, December 10th is also International Animal Rights Day! As fellow creatures of this planet, animals have no less rights than us to live and strive on Earth. Yet, we remain as arrogant as ever and continue to use them and their homes for our own benefit, disregarding the impact it has on our very own ecosystems! Today is the perfect day to look into that and what we can all do to help protect and save the animals who need us.

Afghan children

Human Rights Day

Along with disregarding animals and all they need, we also tend to disregard other human life. The fact is that we are all far more similar than we would probably like to admit. And, when we hurt and betray each other, we are contributing to making the world a crueller, colder place. So, today, look into some of the human rights violations taking place right now, and what we can all do to help stop them.

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This month in history

December 1890 saw the brutal massacre of 200 Native American Sioux people, including children, as a result of a charge undertaken by the US’ 7th Cavalry. The incident unfolded at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota, and is remembered as one of the most devastating footnotes in American history.

Famous Birthdays on December 10th

William Lloyd Garrison, American abolitionist and publisher, born 1805

Ada Lovelace, English mathematician and first computer programmer, born 1815

Emily Dickinson, American poet, born 1830

Michael Clarke Duncan, American actor, born 1957

Kenneth Branagh, Northern Irish actor and director, born 1960

interesting facts about Sagittarius

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