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On This Day - December 26th

It’s the day after Christmas, so chances are that you woke up still full from the day before, maybe a bit hungover, and probably ready to go back to sleep! But, before you do, maybe take the time to consider why today is not a day to be skipped! Here are some of the most interesting things to know about December 26th.

On this day

portrait painting of christopher columbus

La Navidad was founded

In 1492, it was on this very date that La Navidad, the very first Spanish settlement, was founded in the New World. It was founded by Christopher Columbus, who of course was a celebrated explorer who helped to put America on the map!

Guru Gobind Singh

The sons of Guru Gobind Singh were killed

In 1705, Fateh Singh (who was 6 years old) and Zorawar Singh (who was 7), the sons of Guru Gobind Singh, were murdered. They were killed by Wazir Khan for refusing to convert to Islam; and as a result, they are now among the most hallowed martyrs in Sikhism.

King Louis XVI

The trial of Louis XVI took place

In 1792, the trial of French King Louis XVI took place. The court heard the king’s defense brought by Raymond Desèze. However, it did not work very well as he was later beheaded – was it due to poor representation? We might never know…

George Washington

Washington was eulogized

In 1799, George Washington was famously eulogized by Colonel Henry Lee. He was portrayed as the "1st in war, 1st in peace and 1st in hearts of his countrymen". To this day, he's still known as one of the best-loved US Presidents.

boxing day earthquake

The Boxing Day earthquake hit

In 2004, a 9.3 magnitude earthquake created a tsunami that hit India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, the Maldives, Malaysia, and the edges of the Indian Ocean. The natural disaster killed around 230,000 people.

Special Days Falling on December 26th

So, being the day after the holidays, you might be ready to take a break from celebrations. But, we encourage you to take a look at these incredible events taking place around the world today to maybe change your mind.
Facts about South Africa

The Day of Goodwill

In South Africa, December 26th is the Day of Goodwill. It is a public holiday, and South Africans tend to celebrate in the sunshine, outdoors with friends and family. The holiday also encourages citizens to give back to society through any kind of volunteer work and charitable events.

Facts of The Bahamas


Junkanoo is celebrated on December 26th and January 1st every year in the Bahamas. The people celebrate with parades, music, dance, and costumes. Junkanoo is also celebrated among the Black-Caribbean parts of the cities of Miami and Key West in the United States.



Every December 26th through January 1st, African-American and pan-African families celebrate Kwanzaa, a seven-day event that brings communities and families together. It's a fantastic excuse to watch performances, enjoy music, dance, and come together to reflect – with families committing to seven principles for life at the end of the period.

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