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On This Day - December 27th

Now that the hectic times of Christmas have passed, the chances are that you are already planning your New Year’s festivities, and are counting down the days until the 31st. But, before you move too quickly, don’t let these all-important days slip by! Here are some of the most interesting things about December 27th.

On this day

laws of burgos

The Laws of Burgos were issued

In 1512, the Spanish Crown issued the Burgos Laws. These laws governed the conduct of settlers concerning Native Americans in the New World. Sadly, as many of us know by now, much of the land belonging to Native Americans was taken – and many people were treated badly.

interesting facts about earthquakes

An earthquake hit Turkey

In 1939, a magnitude 8 earthquake hit Erzincan, Turkey. Between 20,000 and 40,000 died in the natural disaster, making it one of the most devastating to occur in the 20th century, if not on record.

interesting facts about money

The IMF established 29 member countries

On this day back in 1945, the IMF, or International Monetary Fund, officially took shape with 29 member states – and the concept was brought to life thanks to the creativity of John Maynard Keynes and Harry Dexter White. The IMF is still running to this day.

Facts about Indonesia

Indonesia became independent

In 1949, Queen Juliana of the Netherlands granted independence to Indonesia. It has remained independent ever since – surely a reason to celebrate post-Christmas, at least!

hafizullah amin

President Amin was killed

In 1979, having invaded Afghanistan two days earlier, Soviet forces succeeded in a coup in Kabul. In doing so, they killed President Hafizullah Amin.

Special Days Falling on December 27th

December 27th is no ordinary day between holidays! In fact, it has plenty to celebrate on its own. Here are just some of the celebrations taking place around the world today.
Facts about Pakistan

Anniversary of Benazir Bhutto’s Death

The Anniversary of Benazir Bhutto’s Death is commemorated on December 27th every year. The day honors the Pakistani politician who was assassinated via an attack by terrorists on December 27th, 2007. Her death struck the entire world as she was famous for being the first-ever female leader of a Muslim nation. Her legacy was in fighting for democracy and women's rights.

Face Masks

International Day of Epidemic Preparedness

International Day of Epidemic Preparedness on December 27th every year helps to create awareness about epidemics, and the devastating effects they can have on societies. Humanity has faced multiple epidemics throughout history, with the last one being quite recent. So, this kind of day should serve us all well every year, lest we forget how much we can lose in an epidemic!

john the evangelist

St. John’s History Day

St. John's History Day is celebrated all over the world on December 27th every year, and is also known as the "Feast of St. John." St. John was the scribe of the fourth gospel and the related book of "Revelation." He is represented by the eagle, and is an important figure in Roman Catholicism.

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This month in history

Former Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo was tried for war crimes as a result of Japan’s attacks during World War I – and as a result of failing a military tribunal, the former leader was sentenced to death, and later hanged. Not the cheeriest of holiday news, but important to remember all the same.

Famous Birthdays on December 27th

Johannes Kepler, German astronomer, born 1571

Louis Pasteur, French chemist, born 1822

Marlene Dietrich, German actor and singer, born 1901

Hayley Williams, American musician (Paramore), born 1988

Timothée Chalamet, American actor, born 1995

facts about Capricorn

If you were born on December 27th


…you’re a Capricorn! You’re a very practical, and focused person, so whatever the situation, it’s always good to have you around! As an Earth sign, you’re also very grounded, and help other people keep perspective. However, you’re not always so serious – you’re also great fun to have around, which makes you a dependable friend as well as someone who can liven up a party.


Head over to our Capricorn facts page to learn more – and find out what the stars say about you. If you want to start reading horoscopes in the new year, now’s a great time to start digging into some facts.

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