On This Day - December 29th

December 29th may seem like just another day in the office, or waiting for New Year’s to come, but it is definitely not a date to be left behind! Here are some of the most interesting things about December 29th.

On this day


The Treaty of New Echota was signed

In 1835, the Treaty of New Echota was officially signed between both the US government and minority Cherokee representatives. The treaty ceded all lands of the Cherokee from the east side of the Mississippi over to the US.

facts Central African Republic

Equatorial Africa was divided

In 1903, French Equatorial Africa was separated into Gabon, Chad and Ubangi-Shari. The countries of Gabon and Chad have remained the same ever since, but Ubangi-Shari is now referred to as the Central African Republic.

Sun Yat Sen

China gained its first president

In 1911, Sun Yat-sen was elected President of the Republic of China. He was the country’s first ever president, after centuries of traditional empirical rule.

Hong Kong harbour and skyline

Bird flu threatened Hong Kong

In 1997, bird flu was a big concern for the people of Hong Kong. So, to prevent a spread, the people began killing all their chickens. The most prevalent bird flu virus, H1N1, has never really gone away – meaning birdkeepers and farmers are always on the lookout to protect their livelihoods.

Charles V, King of Spain

Charles V was buried

In 1558, Charles V, King of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor, was buried in El Escorial, San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Spain.

Special Days Falling on December 29th

This December 29th, take the time to consider others in the world, and what today means to them. For example, here are some of the most important events taking place around the world today.
facts Ireland

Constitution of Ireland Day

The Constitution of Ireland was formed on December 29th and has been celebrated every year since! Today, Ireland celebrates its ratification, and the whole nation does indeed celebrate it right! It’s a day for parties and for spending time together with family and friends – if people aren’t already doing that for Christmas, of course!

Mongolia Facts

Mongolia Independence Day

Mongolia Independence Day is celebrated every December 29th. It is a day for the Mongol people to celebrate their freedom after having spent years under the Qing China rule. To celebrate, the people raise the national flag, eat together, and of course have spectacular fireworks! As mentioned in other day profiles – it seems there’s an independence day to celebrate somewhere in the world every day!


International Cello Day

All cellists celebrate International Cello Day every December 29th. The cello is a wonderful bowed string musical instrument with four strings. Although it looks like a large violin, it has a unique sound that can only be achieved by the best cellists in the world! And, today we celebrate them and their instruments!

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