On This Day - June 14th

June 14th lands us close to the middle of the month, and we're close to the heart of the summer. Where is this year going? In any case, June 14th is a milestone day for many people, and as you'll discover below, it's a big deal for bourbon drinkers and flag fanatics alike. Read on for some fantastic details about why June 14th is worth remembering.

On this day

King of Senar

King Badi VII surrendered.

In 1821, the King of Sennar, Badi VII, surrendered his throne and realm to Ismail Pasha, the general of the Ottoman Empire. And, in so doing, he brought the 300-year-old Sudanese kingdom to an end!

Adolf Hitler

The Nazis opened Auschwitz.

The Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp opened on this very date back in 1940. It was located in Nazi-controlled Poland and held Polish prisoners of war, civilian Jews, and travelers. About three million people died here.

Facts about Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan became a knight!

In 1989, Ronald Reagan was officially knighted by Queen Elizabeth II! It was an honorary knighthood, which is why no one ever referred to him as “Sir Ronny.” Sounds a bit odd, really!


A near-miss for Earth!

June seems to be a month full of asteroid interactions – and on this day in 2002, we just avoided getting hit by a rock known as 2002 MN. How close was it? Around three times as close to us as the Moon. Scary stuff!

Bramble Cay melomys

We lost a species.

Global warming claimed its first mammal species on this day in 2016 - the Bramble Cay melomys from Torres Strait is, tragically, no more.

Special Days Falling on June 14th

Whether you want to start learning more about saving lives, are proud to fly your colors, or just want to sample a quick shot of bourbon, June 14th is full of wonderful surprises. Here’s our choices of the most interesting special occasions falling right now!
World Thalassemia Day

World Blood Donor Day

We all know just how vital our blood is, and thanks to generous blood donors out there, when we need it, many of us can get it! However, there is still a shortage of blood, especially certain types, which means that the next time you or one of your loved ones may need help, you may have to wait longer than you should if you are fortunate enough to get some. So, on World Blood Donor Day, why not consider donating some yourself, and ask your loved ones if they would like to participate, too?

facts about the United Nations

National Flag Day

Each nation has its own flag – it’s a universal symbol to show who they are, and may sometimes even tell us what they stand for. They represent the nation and mean a lot to the people who stand behind them. So, on National Flag Week, fly your nation’s flag, and indeed any flag that matters to you, and fly them with pride!

National Bourbon Day

Nothing is quite as soothing as a smooth bourbon at the end of a long day or week. And today is the perfect day to really appreciate the smoky flavors! So, whether you’re having one at home alone or with friends in a bar, be sure to try a new tipple, and to do so responsibly!

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