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On This Day - June 24th

Want to try praline for the first time? Maybe you’re a history buff with a particular taste for the Tudors. In any case, June 24th is already a fairly eventful date, even if you’re not celebrating anything of your own today! If you’re stuck for ways to mark this glorious summer’s day, take a look through what you need to know about June 24th below.

On this day

John Cabot

John Cabot made an important claim.

In 1497, believing that he had found Asia in Newfoundland, John Cabot claimed what is now known as Eastern Canada for England. Although he was clearly way off, we can’t blame him for trying!

Henry VIII

Henry VIII officially became King.

Back in 1509, today was the date that Henry VIII was crowned King of England. The coronation took place down in Westminster Abbey, in London. He'd go on to be a fairly infamous figure!

Gadsden Purchase

Franklin Pierce made an important purchase.

In 1853, then-President of the United States of America, Franklin Pierce, signed the Gadsden Purchase. Essentially, he bought about 29,670 square miles (76,844 km) of land from Mexico for $10 million. And what did he do with that land, you ask? Well, it became Arizona and New Mexico!

Picasso Museum

Pablo Picasso made an important career move.

In 1901, at the age of only 19, Pablo Picasso’s very first art exhibition opened in Paris! The young artist went on to become one of the most famous visual creators of all time – it’s more than likely you’ve seen a few of his works already.

Flag of Germany

The Berlin Blockade started.

Germany’s woes didn’t end after the Second World War ended. As of June 24th, 1948, the then-Soviet Union decided to block trade access to the west of the capital, Berlin. This led to allies to the west starting to airlift supplies to the people blockaded. The blockade continued for a stunning 324 days.

Special Days Falling on June 24th

Stuck for things to celebrate this June 24th? If you’re a fan of pralines, want to make the most out of your discarded items, or simply want to don some wings and wave a wand around, you’re in luck – today’s the day you can “officially” do all three!

International Fairy Day

Fairies, or faeries, are mythical creatures who have featured in all kinds of stories, movies, and even songs! If you ever felt like dressing up like a fairy and feeling the wind flutter beneath your wings, now's your chance. It's also a great opportunity for your kids to dress up and act out a few stories of their own!


National Upcycling Day

Upcycling is a relatively modern trend that revolves around us making the most of what we have. Thinking of marking the occasion? Try and recycle some of your card and plastic as part of artworks or collages. Or, you could refurbish some old furniture with materials, paints and other remnants you’d otherwise throw out. Give it a go!


National Pralines Day

Praline is a sweet, nutty treat that certainly deserves its own day! June 24th is the official day for making and enjoying pralines, whether as a snack (or even as part of your breakfast if you really want to treat yourself!). Many of us love praline-flavored things, too – so if you’re not so keen on nutty, crunchy snacks, look for some ice cream or candy to scratch that praline itch.

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