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πŸ¦€ 29 Facts about the Cancer Zodiac Sign πŸ¦€

The zodiac is a fascinating study of personalities and connections.Β  While not everyone believes in the idea of there being 12 distinct ways to define people, it is always interesting to think about.Β  For example, those people born in summer months – Cancers or Cancerians – allegedly exhibit specific behaviours and traits uncommon in others born throughout the year.

But how much do you know about the zodiac?Β  Are you a Cancer?Β  Here are a few interesting facts about the Cancer Zodiac sign that will likely to appeal to you.Β  If you were born between the dates of June 20th and July 22nd, you are a Cancer in the Western zodiac – and the following traits may apply to you!

Cancer Zodiac Sign: Quick Facts

Dates: 21 June to 22 July
Zodiac Symbol: The Crab
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: The Moon
Birthstones: Emerald, Moonstone, Pearl, Ruby
Modality: Cardinal
House: Fourth
Season: Summer
Body Part: Chest, Breast, Stomach
Metal: Silver
Colour: Silver, Sea Green
Tarot Card: The Chariot
Secret Wish: To have a happy family
Keywords: Brooding, Caretaker, Collecting, Defensive, Retentive, Emotional, Sarcastic, Protective, Kind, Snappy, Shrewd, Sensitive, Moody, Insecure, Maternal, Hording, Manipulative

  1. Cancers, on the whole, are said to clam up and retreat when feeling angry. Instead of lashing out at people, Cancers ball up and remain angry only for very short periods.
  2. Cancers are generally very creative people, who are also supposedly very resilient in the face of stress, and who are in tune with their emotions.
  3. You’ll likely find that a Cancerian is someone creative with plenty of ambition. Therefore, you may find Cancers to be budding singers, writers, dancers and artists.
  4. Cancers are also said to appreciate their home life. This means that they often make for good providers. They also love to settle down earlier in life.
  5. Cancers are more likely to feel before thinking, and as a result, will look for other people who understand their intense emotional links and bonds.

Cancer Zodiac facts

  1. All star signs have lucky numbers attached to them. A Cancer will often find their luckiest numbers to be 4 and 6.
  2. Cancers are, on the whole, likely to clash the most with Capricorns (born between December and January). However, they will bond best with Pisces (born between February and March), as well as Scorpios (born between October and November)
  3. Many Cancerians hate being told what to do. They often like to follow their own paths!
  4. Famous Cancerians include Elon Musk, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Ariana Grande, Kristen Bell, Sylvester Stallone and Kevin Hart.
  5. Cancerians are always willing to forgive and forget. They will never turn their backs on family members, regardless of what has occurred between them.
  1. Cancers are very sensitive, but this does not make them doormats. As mentioned, Cancers are extremely resilient, even though they are intensely emotional people.
  2. Cancers are more social than many people believe. While they love meeting new people, they often prefer to connect with them through home or familiar environments.
  3. Many Cancers have difficulty revealing themselves to the world and need help from others to show other people their full potential. However, this never stifles their creativity!
  4. It is said that Cancers often make great parents. This is thanks to their stable, loving natures, and their interest in creating emotionally stable environments.Β  They also never dwell on arguments or grudges.
  5. Cancer is thought to be ruled by the Moon over all other planets, governing magnetism and the need for personal growth.

facts about Cancer Zodiac Sign

  1. People with this sign tend to be artistic and rebellious.
  2. But also protective and loyal.
  3. Cancer is blessed with a powerful, innate intuition.
  4. This allows them to read people better than most.
  5. Cancers are known for their passion and penchant for romance.
  6. Heartbreak and upset are the Achilles heel for a Cancer.
  7. They are defined by their generosity.
  8. Just don’t expect it to be the status quo β€” they prefer it to be a surprise.
  9. Whilst Cancerians make reading others look easy, they can be slightly aloof and hard to read themselves.
  10. Cancerians love pets and are more likely to be cat owners than any other star sign.
cancer zodiac sign facts

Cancerians love cats… but who couldn’t love this little critter!

  1. Cancers are also typified by great listening skills.
  2. This makes them the ideal people to turn to when you need to blow off some steam.
  3. They are less likely to suffer from panic or anxiety.
  4. But more likely to worry about the situations others find themselves in.

Do you know any fun facts about the Cancer zodiac sign? Β Share them in the comments below!


  • AYUSH BHATT says:

    I am a cancerian and iam actually kind of scared of cats

  • Candice Milton says:

    I kinda don’t like cats & love small dogs !

  • Angela says:

    Oh god I am a cancer and heartbreak is definitely my weakness, even if the relationship didn’t last very long. Everything fit my description except the part about panic and anxiety.

  • Renata Pikiotaite says:

    the thing wrong about this is that cancers are not social the r inroverts and I as a cancers hate cats I love dogs

  • Olasunkanmi Opeyemi says:

    I am a β™‹ too.but the cat symbolize how very strong we are. No matter how a cat fell it will always stand at is feet.

  • alex zachary teran says:

    im a cancer, i love cats, but i panic a lot from either anxiety, or panic attacks, i need to be told to calm down from my parents, i like to meditate and be alone most of the times, and i love dragons very much, I’m a creative person, rather a lazy one, but i need a friend who will understand my sufferings, and shall never make fun of them, my best friend is a gemini, we always hang out, and i laugh so much with her i find her very sweet and kind! pretty too!

  • Lulu says:

    I have a Cat, but she is mean, I am a cancer and my friend is a Capricorn. πŸ™‚

  • Eleyna says:

    I actually am a lot like this.I can be really sensitive at times and try to hold in anger. I can often read how people feel. It’s true, I do love cats but i’m allergic lol. I am very artistic and protective like it described. My friend used to call me Luna so its funny to know that Cancer’s planet is the moon!

  • Natalie Hernandez says:

    I am a cancer. The heartbreak thing is so true tbh. I’ve dated a Pisces and a Scorpio and a libra and almost a Aries but the Aries dude we were really close tbh so yea. I’m really caring and protective over anybody so that is really true. I do get emotional but not over anything tho just the most upsetting things like the time my Pisces bf wanted to break up but he didn’t know how to tell me. Anyway yea my life is pretty screwed.

  • Raiko says:

    Yes, I love cats!I’m artistic, and can be sensitive…im good at detecting lies, so dont even TRY LYING TO ME..jk..Have a good day,god bless you, and you all are beautiful!

  • laycee says:

    They were all more or less true except #28.

  • Jamison says:

    Haha I’m a cancer and I’m semi-allergic to cats…but they like me I have a small dog though

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