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8 Stunning Facts about Ray-Ban

If you’re a big fan of sunglasses and shades, there’s a pretty good chance you know all about Ray-Ban – and you may even own a few of their designer frames yourself! Ray-Ban is an international name that’s synonymous with some of the best quality and most stylish sunglasses on the planet – but how much do you know about the brand? Let’s dive into some fun facts about Ray-Ban and find out.

1. Ray-Ban sunglasses were originally used in aviation, and not for public use.

Believe it or not, the very first Ray-Ban glasses were designed and manufactured purely for use in US aviation! It’s why one of the most popular styles of Ray-Ban is known as the aviator. These specs were designed to keep the sun out of pilots’ eyes.

2. Hype built around aviator glasses very quickly.

Initial hype regarding Ray-Ban’s aviator sunglasses started to build during World War II. It’s thought that General Douglas MacArthur helped to popularize the look – and to start with, they took off in popularity over in France!

3. Ray-Ban pioneered transition lenses.

Many of you out there with traditional eyeglasses might have transition lenses fitted so you don’t have to swap to shades in the bright sun. However, did you know this technology is hardly new? Believe it or not, Ray-Ban first used transition lenses in their Ambermatic range, which debuted on shelves all the way back in 1974. They changed based on lighting conditions – just like transition lenses!

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4. Tom Cruise helped to bring Ray-Ban glasses back from extinction.

Weirdly, Ray-Bans started to go out of style with the rise of disco in the late 70s – but, as we all know, disco didn’t last forever! Thankfully for Ray-Ban, there was a savior waiting in the wings – Tom Cruise. By wearing Ray-Bans in the movie Risky Business, it’s thought the brand regained 50% of its sales. He then went on to boost sales by 40% in Top Gun, and by 15% in Rain Man!

5. Before Cruise, Aykroyd and Belushi pushed the specs to the masses.

You can’t just thank Tom Cruise for the Hollywood sales push for Ray-Bans. In the cult comedy The Blues Brothers, both Dan Aykroyd and the late John Belushi wore Ray-Ban Wayfarers, helping to bring them back into public favor as disco eyewear died away.

6. Ray-Ban specs were originally made of glass.

Initially, Ray-Ban glasses were made by melting glass – doing so was seen as efficient and cost-effective. Back in the early 20th century, such a maneuver helped the brand get their glasses off the ground and out to pilots at a fast rate of production. That, arguably, helped them keep up with demand and become a household name.

7. There’s a trick to recognizing if you’re wearing fake Ray-Bans.

Try listening to the sound of your Ray-Ban sunglass hinges when you move the arms. Do they squeak? If so, you’re likely wearing fake shades. It’s all down to the quality in materials and manufacturing!

8. And, don’t try faking Ray-Bans of your own – you’ll regret it.

It’s a serious US felony to specifically counterfeit Ray-Ban sunglasses! Believe it or not, it’s actually a Class B Felony. That means you could be facing fines of around $25k, max, and potentially 20 years in jail! If you add the Ray-Ban logo and branding to your cheap specs, you’re even more likely to face time in prison. Just don’t do it!

Ray Ban Facts

FAQs about Ray-Ban

Why is Ray-Ban so expensive?

Ray-Ban sunglasses are often more expensive than other sunglasses on the market because of the quality materials used in their manufacturing. They use a blend of acetate and titanium, for example, to make super-high quality frames and lenses. What’s more, a lot of work goes into designing those unique shades!

Are Ray-Bans worth it?

Millions think so! For all that Ray-Bans are more expensive than budget specs, they fill a great value midpoint pricing – they’re far cheaper than Jimmy Choo specs, for example.” This might not be 100% true, but an impressive sentence to go out on all the same.

Do Ray-Bans scratch easily?

Not if you care for them! That said, Ray-Bans are manufactured to resist a variety of damage, and that means they’re highly resistant to scratching. Word of advice – keep them in their case when you’re not wearing them…!

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