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15 Curious Facts about the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancers are summer people born between June 21st and July 22nd. And, much like the summer, they are bright, and warm, and you miss them when they’re not around! The crab in the Zodiac represents them, but that doesn’t mean they’re always crabby to be around! Let’s look at some fun facts about the Cancer star sign to show you why you need a few summer people in your life.

1. Cancers can close up pretty easily.

As water signs, Cancers can be a little clammy! They tend to close up and retreat when they need to. So, if you get a Cancer to open up, you must be pretty special!

2. They’re very creative and like making things to get them through the day.

Cancers are known for being very creative. They often use their creativity as an outlet – meaning you’ll likely come across a few successful creators born between June and July.

3. Cancers are very ambitious, too.

Cancers are fantastic artists, be it in music, art, or other outlets. And, they are also very ambitious! So, they tend to have big dreams for themselves and everything they create – and again, it’s why you’ll find plenty of big stars are Cancers.

facts about Cancerians

4. They’re great providers for their loved ones.

Cancers enjoy having a good home life, and they like being the providers. They enjoy providing for and caring for those they love – meaning if they offer you help and support, be willing to accept it!

5. They follow their hearts at all costs.

Cancers have a tendency to follow their hearts, sometimes even a little impulsively. They often feel so strongly that they’ll follow those feelings before thinking things through. They need people around them to ground them in the real world sometimes!

6. Cancers get on well with Pisces, but not so much with Capricorns.

Cancers tend to bond really well with Pisces. As another water sign, Pisces and Cancers tend to really understand each other, and Scorpios apply here, too. However, they tend to clash a bit with Capricorns, so they’re best when clear of each other!

7. You can’t tell them what to do!

Cancers often have their own plans. And, even if they don’t, you can’t tell them what to do. They will always follow their own paths and won’t pay much mind to what you have to say about it!

8. There are plenty of celebrity Cancers.

Thankfully, the world has been gifted with plenty of talented Cancers! Here are some of the most famous Cancers we’re happy to have around: Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, Ariana Grande, Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Hart, and many more!

9. You’re likely to get forgiven by a Cancer.

Cancers are generally very forgiving people. They believe in letting the past lie, and moving forward. That doesn’t mean they forgive everything – so try not to push them to their limits.

Cancer stars constellation

10. They are highly sensitive people.

Cancers are very sensitive, and they feel things very deeply. However, that does not mean that they’re weak in any way! In fact, they are very resilient, and it takes quite a lot to get them down!

11. They’re homebodies.

Cancers can be very sociable people. However, they like staying at home, and being comfortable with the same group of people they’re used to. So, if you like chilling out at home, Cancers are perfect companions!

12. They can be shy, too.

It can be difficult to get Cancers to be bold and open up. They can be pretty shy, and it takes someone they really trust to bring out their bolder side!

13. They’re very stable.

Cancers are great partners and can make great parents. They’re incredibly stable people, love taking care of others, and are very protective of those they love.

cancer zodiac sign facts


FAQs about the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Who is Cancer’s soulmate?

Cancers can get along with many people. However, they do particularly well with Virgos, Scorpios, and Pisces.

What are Cancerians’ favorite colors?

Cancers like a variety of colors. That being said, as true water signs, they tend to head towards lighter colors, light blue and white in particular.

What are Cancerian weaknesses?

Cancers can be quick to irritate at times. And, when the going gets tough, they can also be pretty pessimistic about things.

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  • AYUSH BHATT says:

    I am a cancerian and iam actually kind of scared of cats

  • Candice Milton says:

    I kinda don’t like cats & love small dogs !

  • Angela says:

    Oh god I am a cancer and heartbreak is definitely my weakness, even if the relationship didn’t last very long. Everything fit my description except the part about panic and anxiety.

  • Renata Pikiotaite says:

    the thing wrong about this is that cancers are not social the r inroverts and I as a cancers hate cats I love dogs

  • Olasunkanmi Opeyemi says:

    I am a ♋ too.but the cat symbolize how very strong we are. No matter how a cat fell it will always stand at is feet.

  • alex zachary teran says:

    im a cancer, i love cats, but i panic a lot from either anxiety, or panic attacks, i need to be told to calm down from my parents, i like to meditate and be alone most of the times, and i love dragons very much, I’m a creative person, rather a lazy one, but i need a friend who will understand my sufferings, and shall never make fun of them, my best friend is a gemini, we always hang out, and i laugh so much with her i find her very sweet and kind! pretty too!

  • Lulu says:

    I have a Cat, but she is mean, I am a cancer and my friend is a Capricorn. 🙂

  • Eleyna says:

    I actually am a lot like this.I can be really sensitive at times and try to hold in anger. I can often read how people feel. It’s true, I do love cats but i’m allergic lol. I am very artistic and protective like it described. My friend used to call me Luna so its funny to know that Cancer’s planet is the moon!

  • Natalie Hernandez says:

    I am a cancer. The heartbreak thing is so true tbh. I’ve dated a Pisces and a Scorpio and a libra and almost a Aries but the Aries dude we were really close tbh so yea. I’m really caring and protective over anybody so that is really true. I do get emotional but not over anything tho just the most upsetting things like the time my Pisces bf wanted to break up but he didn’t know how to tell me. Anyway yea my life is pretty screwed.

  • Raiko says:

    Yes, I love cats!I’m artistic, and can be sensitive…im good at detecting lies, so dont even TRY LYING TO ME..jk..Have a good day,god bless you, and you all are beautiful!

  • laycee says:

    They were all more or less true except #28.

  • Jamison says:

    Haha I’m a cancer and I’m semi-allergic to cats…but they like me I have a small dog though

  • Mayan says:

    Am a cancer ♋ and I love to dance, sing, create new things,

  • Chinmayi says:

    im not a cancer but i have cancer parents and they dont try to keep their anger away they just threten me and lash out at me once my dad threw a box at my face a plastic box and he ran after me with a knife to hit me with it and my mum just lashes out their both toxic as hell this dosent mean all cancers are like my parents i have a best friend who is a cancer and shes the only thing or person that makes me happy.

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