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14 Little Known Facts about Libra

If you were born between September 23rd and October 22nd, you are one of the few fortunate enough to call themselves Libras! Libras are easily among the most interesting zodiac signs. They are very logical, intuitive, and just people. But, there is so much more to them! Here are some fun facts about Libras.

Quick facts about the Libra zodiac sign

Date: 23 September – 22 October
Zodiac symbol: The Scales
Element: Air
Modality: Cardinal
Ruling planet: Venus
House: Seventh
Season: Autumn
Metal: Copper
Body part: Kidneys, buttocks, skin
Stone: Opal, Lapis lazuli, peridot
Color: Pink
Tarot card: Justice
Secret wish: To belong to a community
Keywords: Judgement, perfectionist, insincere, polite, charming, attractive, kind, considerate, tactful, thoughtful, welcoming.

1. Libras will not stay out of it!

Libras care a lot, especially about those they love. So, whether or not they have been invited into a situation, if they feel that something is not right or needs addressing, you can be sure they’ll step in! This can be both a positive and a negative thing for those around them.

2. Libras like balance.

Libras do well with regular routines, schedules, and so on. They like for all things to be perfectly balanced. After all, their symbol – the scales – wasn’t chosen at random!

3. Libras follow their hearts.

Libras follow their hearts and emotions. They’re also very intuitive, which means they can read people pretty easily. It also means that sometimes they react with their feelings rather than reason. However, their gut feelings are often correct!

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4. They don’t like trivia.

Libras believe in keeping things simple, clean, and organized. They do not deal well with complications, messes, or things that seem out of place! This means that when in an argument, or helping others in a disagreement, they will focus on what matters, not on smaller details that, to them, have no meaning.

5. Libras can be manipulative.

In some cases, Libras can be manipulative. Generally, they are very kind of heart and use their manipulative powers for the greater good, or at least what they believe to be the greater good! However, sometimes it’s best to keep an eye on a Libra!

6. They’re great at sniffing out others like them.

As manipulators themselves, Libras are great at sniffing out others like that! And, as much as Libras may have good intentions, they can spot those who don’t a mile away. And, you can rest assured that a Libra will have no difficulty dealing with someone they deem untrustworthy.

7. Libras care about appearances.

Libras are not vain. However, they do believe in taking care of themselves and making good impressions! Therefore, they take care of their appearances and, to a degree, will judge how others present themselves, too. Just make sure that in the presence of a Libra, you do make an effort to be appropriate appearance-wise!

8. Libras mix well with Scorpios.

Scorpios come just after Libras in the zodiac calendar. And, both signs tend to get along very well with each other! They are both honest, strong, and very caring about those they love.

9. Libras can go back and forth.

As “straight to the facts” as they are, Libras can have a tough time deciding, especially when it comes to themselves. Whether it is about where they’ll live, work, who they’ll date, see, etc., you’ll often see a Libra going back and forth on their decisions.

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10. They are very private.

Libras are very private, especially about their own thoughts. They may give an opinion when asked, but their own private thoughts and feelings will forever remain their own. And, it will be hard to be able to tell what they’re thinking unless you know them very well! Sometimes, even then that isn’t enough!

11. They’re great at maintaining the peace.

Libras are fantastic at leading families. They believe in justice and preserving the peace. So, during any family disputes, you can trust a Libra to help sort it out and do what’s best for everyone!

12. You cannot persuade a Libra.

Libras can be pretty stubborn. And, trying to persuade them about anything can quickly end in tears, and not the Libra! They are open-minded about a lot of things, but once their mind is made up about something, they usually don’t budge.

13. Libras like routine and symmetry.

Libras thrive on balance. Funnily enough, that’s in line with their symbol, the scales.

14. Libras and Scorpios go well together.

It’s thought that Libras tend to gel well with Scorpios, who are the next zodiac signs along in the birth calendar.

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FAQs about Libra Zodiac Sign

Which colors are favored by Librans?

Librans love blues and greens! They tend to shy away from bland shades, or enhance them with a dash of vibrant color to compliment.

What do Librans like to wear?

The wardrobe of a Libran will have some feature pieces with striking colors! Even something in smart black and white might be livened up with a red scarf.

Do Librans like jewelry?

Yes - especially natural metals such as gold and silver. Gemstones such as sapphires and emeralds attract them, too, as do diamonds.

Do you know any fun facts about the Libra zodiac sign?  Share them in the comments below!

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