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🗓️ On This Day - June 2nd

Ready for another red hot day of summer? Well, you are if you live in the upper hemisphere anyway – it’s pretty cool elsewhere in the world! June 2nd is not just a great day for Geminis, but also one where we remember the coronation of one of the world’s longest-ever standing monarchs, and mark the beginning of the end of the US Civil War. Here’s a few more facts to take on board…

On this day

Facts about American Civil War

An important yield.

June 2nd, 1865, marked the beginning of the end of the American Civil War, as it was today that Confederate troops in Texas yielded to Federal forces. It would become one of the very last battles fought on land during the whole conflict.

Mark Twain

A quote for the ages…

You've probably heard or read this one quoted in a slightly different way or two over the years, but it was back on June 2nd, 1897, that novelist Mark Twain commented "the report of my death was an exaggeration." He wasn't kidding – wonder who got fired for starting that rumor?

Facts of Italy

Italy bid its crown goodbye.

On June 2nd, 1946, the Italian public boldly decided to move from a monarchy to a republic – to a resounding result of an 89% majority. This was also the first vote on Italian soil that permitted women to cast ballots, too!

The Queen's coronation

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

In 1953, Queen Elizabeth II officially ascended to the British throne following the passing of King George VI.
Her husband Prince Philip was by her side on the journey from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace in a golden carriage. The event set a record of 2.5 million viewers watching on television, as others lined the streets in person or listened on the radio!

John Paul II,

The Pope broke new ground.

Then-Pope, John Paul II, broke serious new ground for the papal leadership on June 2nd, 1979. He headed back to his homeland of Poland, which actually marked the very first time a Pope had visited a Communist country!

Special Days Falling on June 2nd

June 2nd happens to be a great day for diving into some sweet treats – but fittingly enough, it’s also a good day to remember the hard work of our dentists! Let’s take a look at some celebrations marked on June 2nd that are worth remembering.
National Love My Dentist Day

National Love My Dentist Day

Today marks a day recognizing the expertise and dedication of dentists working to improve oral health and enhance all of our smiles! Hippocrates and Aristotle even mentioned dentistry – and it's thought dentists have been working hard for us since 7,000 BC! This day of appreciation, starting in the US, is now recognized globally.

National Rocky Road Day

National Rocky Road Day

Don’t tell your dentist, but June 2nd is also a great day for enjoying some chocolatey, marshmallowy treats. Rocky Road is a famous dessert that’s just as nutty and as crunchy as it sounds – but go easy on it if you don’t want to see your dentist on June 3rd, too!

National Rotisserie Chicken Day

National Rotisserie Chicken Day

Is there a special day for just about everything? Pretty much! June 2nd is also a cracking day to chew on some chicken – especially if cooked on a rotisserie. Believe it or not, this dish became particularly popular during World War II, and the taste doesn’t seem to have waned since.

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